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Why Blogging Plays a Crucial Role in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has changed the way marketing campaigns are formulated and executed. In the present day, wherein the internet is affordable and available to all, digital marketing will be the best marketing methodology. Having understood this fact, small, medium, and large enterprises across the globe have embraced digital consultancy services. Many businesses fail to understand the importance of blogging in digital marketing. A brilliant digital marketer will analyze the business/ product, which s/he wants to market, and design the strategy accordingly. So blogging plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategies.

Contents, both in a written and visual format, are utilized for obtaining optimum traffic to the website of the business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) are the key factors they focus on whilst planning the digital marketing strategy. Optimized content in the form of blogs, articles, FAQs, and informative pieces will attract a large spectrum of audience.

Content marketing is a strategic method of delivering highly valuable and relevant information to a specific audience. The digital marketer will make the content “search-friendly” by optimizing it using keywords. The aim is to get the content to appear at P0 or Position Zero of SERP. With your website reaching P0, which is also called “Featured Snippet,” it will observe a quantum leap in the number of leads. If the content has ample quality, the conversion rate will go up changing the game in your favour.

What are the Advantages of Blogging?

Blogging is an essential and unavoidable part of digital marketing. The blogs based on useful topics to the common public will take your website to the right customer. At the same time, the optimization of the content is crucial to ensure that it is reaching potential customers. Let’s see the advantages of blogging in digital marketing.

Channelizing Traffic to Your Website – People will be searching for products, services, or utilities online. They may have queries regarding a particular brand. They will have doubts about carrying out a particular task or buying a specific product. The blogs will be covering the topics related to your business or brand. This, in turn, will assure that the person searching for that will reach your website. Finding the solution for the confusion will be beneficial for the person. Thus enhancing the possibility of a conversion.

Answering Questions and Clarifying Doubts – The Internet is the place where people end up trying to find solutions for their confusion and doubts. Providing answers to their questions and resolving their issues will create a connection between the brand and the potential customer. He or she may turn to the specific brand, business, or product, whenever the requirement arises.

However, unrealistic solutions and hollow support will not reap the desired result. The help extended through the website must be genuine and honest. Else, the customers will turn away and as a result, it will have a negative impact on the business.

Creating Brand Image – A carefully crafted blog can create a splendid image of the brand amongst the public. The blogs will brilliantly display your business, luring the clients towards it. The magic of words can turntable in favour of you. Nonetheless, you must make sure that the product you deliver meets the quality. Otherwise, it may backfire and will have an adverse effect on your brand.

Analytics to Gain Client Perceptions – You have several tools like Google Analytics to check how the blogs are performing, conversion rate, location of the audience, age etcetera. This will guide the digital marketer to derive the way ahead to institute requisite changes in the approach. The non-performing blogs that have seen fewer conversion rates or lack reach may be edited accordingly.

An underperforming blog may have wrong keyword optimization that has resulted in the content not reaching the targeted audience. Displaying your content to the right users is an important point in the game. Generating effective leads is of paramount importance. Therefore, a digital marketer will keep on monitoring the blogs, web page contents, and articles. And make amendments from time to time to improve the quality and conversion rate.

What You Should Not Do in Blogging?

In this era of technology, every information is available on fingertips. Therefore, a blogger should be careful while writing a blog. The important points to be considered are:

Plagiarised Contents – Plagiarised content is a definite NO in blogging. Some bloggers may use Thesaurus and make an existing blog to appear as if new. This will not only downgrade the content in SERP rating but also can cause legal actions if found out. Blog contents must be “Original” always.

Fake Claims – Never give any fake claims through the blogs. It will put the brand image in a dark shade. Users will flag the business as unreliable affecting the performance of the company. It is a herculean task to regain trust once lost.

Wrong Info – The blogs must contain only correct information. Some kind of info may change with time. You may add a note beside that or put an asterisk and mention it at the bottom.

Reputed digital marketing agencies have established content writers in-house. The web content, blogs, and articles from the writers will be genuine and effective. The content writer writing the blog will be constantly discussing with the digital marketing team about the keyword requirement and the topics needed. The blogs created after such discussion will have enhanced quality and will be instrumental in creating brand identity, publicity, and image.

The bottom line is whatever your requirement is, a quality blog is a great tool in creating good website traffic, improving audience, and opening new prospects. Nowadays, every digital marketing agency uses blogs to generate leads and obtain conversions. However, a wrong agency can do more harm than good. Therefore, you must choose a digital marketing agency wisely.

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