Influencer Marketing

We have a panel of popular social media influencers, with lakhs of fan following, who have cemented their credibility through reliable reviews. 

Brand Endorsement By Celebrity

Endorsement from a celebrity can take your brand miles without further advertisements. A proven technique to popularize a brand in quick time.

YouTube influencer Marketing

YouTube influencers have attained celebrity status with their genuine reviews and engaging presentation. Marketing the brand through them can get you, customers, in no time.

Facebook Influencer Marketing

We will choose the right influencer from the panel of Facebook influencers with us, to make the marketing impactful.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram and Insta Reels have turned trending very quickly. The star influencers from those can boost your brand considerably.

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

The corporate networking platform can be a silent promoter for you if you choose and use the influencers proficiently.

Transforming Businesses

Transform your business through thoughtfully created, adequately embellished, social media marketing campaigns with SpiderWorks, the trusted digital marketing company in Kerala. We offer distinctively created campaigns, a beautiful amalgamation of creativity and marketing skills, to mark your presence felt. Let’s make your brand number one in the field.

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Digital marketing

Process Behind

A panel of prominent influencers is what makes the influencer marketing fructuous. We select the influencer, who has created the identity on the relevant field of the brand, to obtain the best.


Brand Analysis

Our professionals will analyze the brand, including the competitors and their reach. For deriving the influencer marketing campaign methodology.


Proposal Submission

We will submit you the marketing tact, the influencers and the costs involved, for opting the most cost-effective solution.


Project Finalization

Including your suggestions, we will prepare the final draft of the influencer marketing project and discuss the technical aspects, and scripting.


Marketing Campaign

We will kick-start the campaign in social media and promote it through digital media, to accomplish the aim.


Straight from our clients’ hearts

Riyaz Kilton

It was a pleasure associating with SpiderWorks for our digital marketing activities. They have helped Kiltons in 360° marketing and digital aspects. Appreciate their works and always recommend SpiderWorks.

Riyaz Kilton

Managing Director, Kiltons Business Set Up Services, UAE
Klean Keepers Testimonial

To us, SpiderWorks is more than just a web development partner. They have done amazing works for us, building our website and through social media marketing. Klean Keepers is highly satisfied in terms of their working style, product delivery, level of support, and prompt response. We are looking forward to a long-term association with SpiderWorks, hiring them for the SEO of our website.

Klean Keepers Testimonial


Business Development Manager
Simon Hykon Testimonial
Simon K A

We have associated with SpiderWork for our Digital marketing & eCommerce website development activities. We were glad to associate with them since the support & work quality was of high class. We used to get good appreciation from customers regarding unique designs. The website they developed is user-friendly & one of the best in the industry. We used to get a good amount of leads from our website itself. Overall, we were 100% satisfied with the support SpiderWorks team has given us. Thank you SpiderWorks

Simon Hykon Testimonial

Simon K A

Manager - Digital Marketing, Hykon India Pvt. Ltd.
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commitments & Guarantee

We guarantee a comprehensive influencer marketing methodology that will turn instrumental in establishing brand identity, extending reach, and enhancing growth. Grow your brand with our influencer marketing services.

Leading Influencers

We are proud to have an elite panel of leading social media influencers to promote your brand.

Assured Results

With the right methodology of marketing, exploring the credibility of the influencer, we assure great results.

Extensive Reach

The eminent influencers with a large following will render you extensive reach generating momentum towards success.

Curated Contents

By using the influencers to publicize and promote the brand through exclusively curated contents, SpiderWorks enhances your growth.

Matchless Support

Our unparalleled support during the entire marketing campaign would be the best support, to attain significant milestones.

Optimistic Attitude

Our positive approach during influencer marketing and other digital marketing campaigns would boost your growth probabilities exceptionally.

Case Studies

Learn how we executed campaigns to get results

Talk to our experts

SpiderWorks can be the catalyst for your business growth. Collaborate with us.


Some awesome words from awesome people

Influencer marketing is simple, yet the most effective marketing method. The social media influencers with phenomenal followers online would recommend the product, boosting the publicity and increasing the chances of sales.

Influencers in social media and other platforms are individuals who have established their identity, credibility and knowledge through videos and social media posts. Their followers and subscribers rely on them to provide the best advice. This reliability created by the influencers is utilized for influencer marketing.

The cost for an influencer marketing campaign would depend on the range of the marketing planned. The influencer marketing expenses would generally be fixed according to the budget availability of the client. Reputed influencer marketing agencies formulate influencer marketing affordably to deliver exemplary results on a limited budget.

The cost for social media influencers would differ from one person to another. There are no generic rates for influencers. Ideally, an influencer with a large number of followers or subscribers would charge more than a social media influencer with a comparatively less number of followers.

Influencer marketing is definitely a productive marketing method. The marketing plan should be derived based on the brand and product. Even though influencer marketing is a novel marketing method, advertisements with celebrities as brand ambassadors can be considered a type of influencer marketing only. We assure you that influencer marketing is an effective marketing methodology.

A YouTube influencer is a person who has established an identity in YouTube through videos. He or she might have been focussing on a niche and gained a large fan-following, as well as, many subscribers. A YouTube influencer can help in influencer marketing by promoting the brand through their videos. The YouTube influencer from the specific sector has to be chosen for obtaining the best result.

Influencer Marketing in Kerala

Influencer marketing has been a relatively new marketing methodology that stemmed out from the increase in popularity of the internet. It is similar to a friend suggesting you a brand or product. Notwithstanding, it would take extensive efforts by the influencer to create an identity and make an impact on the audience.

Once a YouTuber, Instagrammer, or any other social media personality garnered enough publicity and obtained a large number of followers, he or she can start influencer marketing. Famed individuals and celebrities also can become social media influencers or offer influencer marketing through different media.

Influencer marketing agencies are the firms that succeed in creating a panel of influencers from diverse fields. They can deliver optimal results by assigning the marketing task to the ideal social media influencer from the right sector.

You are at the right place if you are planning to commence influencer marketing for your business or brand. You have reached the website of one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Kerala.

Let us know your marketing requirements. Rest assured, we would deliver you the promised outcome.  

What is Influencer Marketing and How Does it Work?

Influencer marketing is the advertising and marketing methodology that uses the services of influencers from social media and other platforms to promote a brand or product. The influencer, a famed persona with fan-following, would describe the product and publicize it to an extended group of customers. Note that, the type of influencer chosen has a direct effect on the efficacy of influencer marketing.

Our influencer marketing agency in Kerala is proud to have an elite panel of influencers. We pick the right influencer, who focus on the specific sector related to the client. Our creative team will assist the influencer in crafting the visual and audio content. Influencer marketing in Kerala basically explores the possibility of catapulting the popularity, sales and growth of a brand by using the credibility gained by the social media influencer.

What Does Influencer Marketing Do?

The influencer would produce videos and social media posts stating the specialties and positive features of the brand. The visual content would be posted in a spectrum of social media platforms and online media. His or her affirmation about the quality would be instrumental in initiating the publicity and grabbing instant attention from the public.

However, influencer marketing alone cannot make the product, brand or business successful. Along with picking the apt influencer for marketing, the influencer marketing agency should optimize the videos, and other visual content to pitch it to the potential audience. The identification of the prospective customer segment and optimization of the content is crucial here.

We have been the best influencer marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala that delivered assured results in the predefined time frame. With brilliantly tailored influencer marketing campaigns, we generated extensive brand reach, publicity and growth.

For any queries, guidance or support on influencer marketing in Kerala, connect with us now.

Why SpiderWorks for Influencer Marketing in Kerala?

SpiderWorks has been an eminent identity in the digital world for more than one and half decades. Serving clients for more than one and a half decades, we could present exemplary outcomes. The esteemed clients’ wholehearted support has been the driving force behind our growth.

We have concluded agreements with a large panel of social media influencers and other celebrities. They would be undertaking the influencer marketing campaigns for us, in the systematically defined methodology.

The exclusive features that made us the top influencer marketing firm are:

  • A large panel of influencers from diverse sectors, aiding us to market brands and products from different commercial and industrial sectors using the right influencer
  • Custom-designed influencer marketing campaign according to the budget, target, and time frame
  • Social media influencers with millions of subscribers and followers, who would be promoting your brand widely
  • Committed service that would ensure the promised result
  • Real-time assistance to the clients
  • Affordable influencer marketing packages
  • Imaginative creators to make brilliant videos and visual contents

You can be assured of the result with our proficient team handling your influencer marketing campaign.

To hire our influencer marketing agency or discuss your marketing project, connect with us now.