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Brochures are one of the finest ways to gather all of the information you need in one location. Communicate with the clients, narrate how you evolved into a credible brand, what your services are, and the exclusivities that distinguish you, and convey these magnificently. Design a brochure with SpiderWorks, the leading brochure designing company in Kerala.

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A simple, stylish, and meaningful logo is what it takes to cement the brand identity in the potential client’s heart. Our talented creators can design a splendid one for you.

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The traditional, but one of the most effective ways of advertising, flyers can garner you wide publicity. Artistically designed flyers, elaborating your specialities, can turn a game-changer for your brand.

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Convey the grand features of your brand through carefully prepared PowerPoint presentations. Detail your workflow that ensures credibility, reliability, and longevity. Generate trust among the public through the presentation.

Transforming Businesses

Transform your business through thoughtfully created, adequately embellished, social media marketing campaigns with SpiderWorks, the trusted digital marketing company in Kerala. We offer distinctively created campaigns, a beautiful amalgamation of creativity and marketing skills, to mark your presence felt. Let’s make your brand number one in the field.

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Creating your personalized digital business card with SpiderWorks is easy and effective. Follow these simple steps to craft a standout digital presence:


Choose Digital Card Platform

The first step is to choose a platform or app that allows you to create and share your digital business card.


Gather Your Information

The next step is to gather the information that you want to include on your digital business card. This may include your name, title, company, phone number, email address, website, social media links, logo, photo, video, portfolio, testimonials, etc.


Design Your Card

The third step is to design your card according to your personal brand and identity. You can choose from various templates, colors, fonts, and layouts to create a unique and attractive card. You can also customize your card according to your preferences and needs.


Preview and Test

The fourth step is to preview and test your card before sharing it with others. You can check how your card looks on different devices and platforms. You can also test the functionality and performance of your card by clicking on the links, buttons, or QR codes. You can make any changes or adjustments if needed.


Share Your Card

The final step is to share your card with your contacts via email, text, QR code, or social media. You can also print your card on paper or save it on your phone for offline use. You can also track and measure the results of your card by seeing how many people viewed, clicked, or contacted you through it.


Straight from our clients’ hearts

Riyaz Kilton

It was a pleasure associating with SpiderWorks for our digital marketing activities. They have helped Kiltons in 360° marketing and digital aspects. Appreciate their works and always recommend SpiderWorks.

Riyaz Kilton

Managing Director, Kiltons Business Set Up Services, UAE
Klean Keepers Testimonial

To us, SpiderWorks is more than just a web development partner. They have done amazing works for us, building our website and through social media marketing. Klean Keepers is highly satisfied in terms of their working style, product delivery, level of support, and prompt response. We are looking forward to a long-term association with SpiderWorks, hiring them for the SEO of our website.

Klean Keepers Testimonial


Business Development Manager
Simon Hykon Testimonial
Simon K A

We have associated with SpiderWork for our Digital marketing & eCommerce website development activities. We were glad to associate with them since the support & work quality was of high class. We used to get good appreciation from customers regarding unique designs. The website they developed is user-friendly & one of the best in the industry. We used to get a good amount of leads from our website itself. Overall, we were 100% satisfied with the support SpiderWorks team has given us. Thank you SpiderWorks

Simon Hykon Testimonial

Simon K A

Manager - Digital Marketing, Hykon India Pvt. Ltd.
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Customise each virtual business card to your unique style and brand in order to leave a lasting impression on your contacts.

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Stay ahead with innovative functionalities that enhance your networking prowess and card's impact.

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We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with your “Save” card, we will work with you to make it right.

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Our experts bring years of experience, ensuring top-notch quality in all aspects.

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We're here whenever you need us, providing 24/7 support to ensure your experience with “Save” is seamless.

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Create Custom “Save” Digital Business Cards in Kerala

Personalise your digital business cards to capture your spirit and brand identity using “Save” and elevate your networking game. Our “Save” product comes with innovative designs that leave a lasting impression. Custom-made cards using “Save” that show your professionalism and style can help you stand out in the digital world. “Save.” E-business cards are a modern and secure way to share personal and professional information. These cards include standard contact information as well as a dynamic online aspect, such as social network connections or a website URL.

E - Business Card securely retains data in an online manner by encoding it into a virtual contact file. Email, social networking, NFC tags, and QR codes are just a few of the versatile sharing methods available.

Advantages of our “Save” Digital Business Card

QR codes, in particular, have gained popularity due to their small size, versatility, and user-friendliness. They are effortlessly integrated into tangible business cards, emails, print materials, and social media graphics. The benefits of a “Save” E-Business Card include instant access and the option to save information for future reference.

As listed below, digital business cards provide numerous benefits:

Provides a Professionalism Boost: Digital business cards show that you are tech-savvy and up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. They also allow you to showcase your personal brand and identity by adding your logo, photo, video, portfolio, or testimonials. Digital business cards can help you stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression on your contacts.

Saves Your Money: Digital business cards are cost-effective and eco-friendly. You don't have to spend money on printing, designing, or updating your paper business cards. You also don't have to worry about running out of stock or carrying a bulky stack of cards with you. Digital business cards can be easily created, edited, and distributed with just a few clicks on your smartphone or computer.

 Improves Your Networking: Digital business cards make it easier and faster to exchange and store contact information. You don't have to scan, type, or search for the details of your contacts. You can simply share your digital business card via email, text, QR code, or social media with anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can also track and measure the performance of your digital business card by seeing how many people viewed, clicked, or contacted you through it.

Facilitate Swift and Effortless Contact Sharing: The fundamental purpose of business cards is to exchange information. Traditionally, this involved presenting printed cards that could be readily pulled from a pocket or cardholder and handed over to another individual.

While handing out real cards allows for a speedy exchange, there is always the chance that the recipient will misplace it. Furthermore, your card may become lost among a stack of other business cards, fading from recollection over time. In a world where information is just a fast web search away, the use of a physical card for contact information is becoming less common. Instead of typical printed business cards, offer digital business cards using “Save” to your contacts. When passed on via smartphone, some digital card formats effortlessly integrate you as a contact entry in their address book. This dynamic method means that your details are always accessible to them, rather than being hidden in an office drawer.

Convenience: Utilizing a QR code or NFC tag, individuals can swiftly access information. This eliminates the need to manually enter contact information into a phone or preserve physical cards that may be misplaced. This simplicity guarantees that networking is efficient and trouble-free.

Reliability: Traditional business cards are frequently lost, damaged, or disregarded shortly after being exchanged. This risk is eliminated by “Save.”

Furthermore, these cards span geographical boundaries, allowing businesses to easily exchange information across several locations using QR codes. This significantly improves connectivity and reach.

Flexibility: “Save” Digital business cards enable users to swiftly modify and renew their information, such as an updated address or website. Because this data is saved in the cloud, changes are automatically updated, which benefits receivers who may have received the card prior to the modifications. This ensures that the most up-to-date information is readily available in real-time.

Data Collection: As third-party cookies are gradually phased out, “Save” Digital Visiting cards emerge as significant sources of first-party data. Metrics such as scan counts, unique visitors, scanning devices, successful campaigns, and scan patterns in terms of place and time are included. This data provides firms with insights that help them with their ongoing marketing efforts.

Sustainability: With more than 80% of consumers looking for companies that prioritise people and the environment above profits, digital visiting cards shine as eco-friendly solutions that also save money. This technology demonstrates a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles by reducing print production costs and paper waste, connecting the firm with sustainability objectives.

“Save” Digital Business card - How it works

The remarkable adaptability to update details without reprinting or redistributing your card. Assume you recently updated your email address, office address, or website. Is it necessary to recreate or re-distribute your digital business card to reflect these changes? Absolutely not.

You can easily update your contact information on the backend due to the dynamic QR Code technology that drives digital visiting cards. This eliminates the need to regenerate or share your electronic business card.

Your prospective clients and customers can scan the same card and obtain the most up-to-date information in real time. This invention eliminates the need for reprinting, saves you money, and saves you the time and effort required to distribute updated digital visiting cards.

Using firsthand information from card scans and reconnecting with users online

Another key benefit of using “save” digital business cards is the possibility of collecting firsthand user information. When someone scans the QR Code on your e-business card, you can access a variety of card statistics and metrics, allowing you to improve your networking strategy.

This firsthand analytical data includes metrics such as the total number of card scans and unique visitors, the scanning devices used, the most successful e-business cards, and the distribution of card scans based on location and time of day.

Consider the following use case to see how this data might help you optimise your networking efforts:

Assume you've sent two separate digital visiting cards in order to conduct an A/B test to determine which one produces the most scans and engagement. You can focus your efforts on the e-business card that receives the most attention by reviewing the top-performing cards based on scan count and unique visits. You can refine or discontinue the underperforming card at the same time.

Furthermore, while creating digital business cards with “Save”, you could retarget people who have already scanned the dynamic QR Code on your e-business card on platforms such as Facebook and Google. This strategy allows you to gently remind and follow up with potential clients who have shown interest in your company but have yet to convert.

Create your Business card With SpiderWorks

SpiderWorks is transforming the way you manage your business. Our fundamental service is a digital visiting card called “Save” that has been deliberately created to provide satisfaction, customisation, and security. The essence of “Save” digital business cards is their ability to introduce new prospects, cut costs connected with traditional cards, and contribute to a greener environment.

Here are some of the reasons why using SpiderWork’s product “Save” to design your business cards is a good idea:

SpiderWorks creates digital business cards with a modern flair that captivates recipients. The interactive and visually appealing design using “Save” stands out from the crowd, making a lasting impact on people with whom you connect.

Customised to Your Needs: Each SpiderWorks “Save” digital business card is made upon request. This allows you to imprint your card with your distinct brand identity, ensuring that it properly matches your business persona.

Enhanced Security: Embracing the digital world does not imply compromising security. SpiderWorks incorporates extensive security features into its digital business cards, ensuring the confidentiality of your important data.

Exploration of New Horizons: By using SpiderWorks' “Save” digital visiting card, you open up new possibilities for connection. These cards interact effortlessly with modern technology, allowing recipients to instantly access your information and build seamless connections.

Economical Advantages: Traditional business cards can be costly to make, especially when design, printing, and distribution fees are factored in. “Save.” eliminates the need for ongoing print charges, resulting in long-term cost benefits.

Positive Environmental Footprint: In an age when environmental awareness is essential, SpiderWorks' digital visiting card stands out as a sustainable option. By eliminating the need for physical printing, you help to reduce paper waste and match your company with sustainable practices.

Easy Information Updates: Unlike traditional cards, SpiderWorks' “Save.” digital visiting card provides you with the convenience of swift information updates. Changes to contact information or office addresses can be made without the trouble of reprinting or distributing cards.

Analytics and insights: SpiderWorks'” Save” digital visiting card provides useful information on engagement metrics. You may keep track of conversations, analyse which elements pique your interest, and adjust your networking efforts accordingly. 

Choosing SpiderWorks “Save” to make your business card is a decision that will embrace innovation, reduce costs, minimise environmental impact, and improve your networking efforts through an elegant and technologically advanced solution.