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LinkedIn Advertising: How to generate leads using LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

In last few years, Social Media Marketing has slowly pulled the internet marketing budget from Search Engines. While Facebook and Instagram still dominate the social media advertising for the consumer market, when it comes to advertising to the professionals and B2B market, LinkedIn is the undisputed leader. If you like to advertise to business owners or professionals, there is no better platform to target people in specific job functions or companies.

In this article, I am going to give step by step instructions on generating leads using LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns.

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Marketing using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has emerged as the most effective social media marketing platform that targets a large community of professionals and business owners. By choosing the right advertising model from an array of choices, you can engage the LinkedIn users in a cost-effective manner.

Highlights of LinkedIn marketing platform:

1. 550 million users.

2. 80% of the LinkedIn users are decision makers in their organization

3. LinkedIn is the #1 platform for lead generation

(Source: DemandWave 2017 state of B2B Digital Marketing Report, LinkedIn Audience 360 study)

Free company page on LinkedIn

You can get started with LinkedIn advertising by creating a company page for your business. Unlike other advertising opportunities, creating a company page is a free service and that will give you a good start.

A company page is different from a personal profile. When you build a company page on LinkedIn, you will get additional options on your page to showcase your business to your potential customers. You will be able to choose a custom URL for your business page.

The LinkedIn business page of SpiderWorks Technologies look like this:

Campaign Types in LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows 3 major types of campaigns:

1. Sponsored Content – These are native ads that appear on feeds of LinkedIn users

2. Sponsored InMail – These are personalized, targeted messages you can send to users

3. Text Ads – These are simple PPC or CPM based text ads

How to generate leads using Lead Gen Forms in LinkedIn

In this article, we are going to see step by step instructions to generate leads using LinkedIn marketing. Since I have included step by step instructions with screenshots, the article may appear to be very lengthy. At any time, if you feel this is too much for you, just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you set up Lead generation Ads on LinkedIn. Being one of the best LinkedIn marketing agencies in India with over a decade of experience in social media marketing, we can help you with creating the most effective digital campaigns for you.

Create your first lead generation ad on LinkedIn

Let’s get started. Make sure you have met the following prerequisites:

1. Have a LinkedIn profile. If not, create a new one by visiting

2. Create a company page for your business. Read more here.

3. Keep your credit card information handy. You will need that while setting up your campaign.

Select Advertising Account

To start your first ad campaign, visit and click select one of your advertising accounts.

If you don’t have an advertising account yet, create a new account by clicking on the “Add Account” button. You will be prompted to choose a Company or Showcase page under which you can create your Ad accounts.

Choose an Ad product

There are 3 types of ad products offered by LinkedIn. For lead generation campaigns, you can choose “Sponsored Content” or “Sponsored InMail”. For this tutorial, we are going to proceed with “Sponsored InMail”.

Create Campaign

In the next step, create your lead generation campaign. Choose a campaign name. The campaign name is only for identification purpose, so choose a descriptive name that clearly identifies the purpose of the campaign.

Choose a target audience language. If you are targeting English speaking audience, you may want to choose English as the audience. In some countries like India, people usually prefer English as their preferred language for online activities. So, unless you are specifically targeting non-English speaking audience, you may want to choose English as the target audience language in such countries.

There are 2 actions possible from this LinkedIn ad –

1. Visit your website

2. General leads using the lead generation form

In this case, we are focusing on lead generation, so, choose the option “Collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms”.

Click “Next” button to proceed to the next step.

Choose the sender

Since we have selected the email campaign, we need to choose a “sender” for the emails. By default, your profile name will be listed as the sender. If you like to use a different sender, you may add a new sender by clicking on the “Add sender” button. In most cases, you may not want to send marketing emails from your personal profile. In such cases, you may add a marketing profile to your account for sending out such email campaigns.

Compose the email

In this step, you need to prepare the mail subject and body. Choose a catchy subject line that will encourage the people to open the email and read. Make the body part of the email short and precise but at the same time convey what you want to tell your audience.

Choose the landing page, Call to Action and Ad template

Landing Page: Enter your landing page address. If you don’t have a specific landing page for this campaign, you may provide the URL of the most appropriate page that matches the campaign. Remember that a well optimised landing pages may significantly improve your conversion rates.

Call to Action: Also choose the Call to Action button text. You may choose texts like “Apply Now”, “Register” etc, depending on the nature of your Ad.

Lead Generation Form: For every lead generation campaigns, a custom Form needs to be defined. If you have already defined the lead gen form, you may choose it. Or, you may choose a “Create new form template”, which will allow you to define a new Form (in the next step).

Banner: Most of the InMail campaigns on LinkedIn include a 300×250 size rectangle image banner on the right panel of the LinkedIn page. When viewers read your InMail campaign on LinkedIn, they will also see your rectangle banner Ad on the right side. Upload an image banner to use with your campaigns.

Audience Selection

Selecting the right audience is one of the most important steps in running an effective social media campaign. In this step, you can either select a predefined template or create a new audience template by choosing various audience profile.

Audience Profile includes multiple options including:

Choose the target location

Target criteria

You may choose to include or exclude any specific location. You may choose specific country, state or even areas within a state. Choose the target location where your potential leads are. If you want to show your LinkedIn campaign to people in a specific city, choose only that region.

LinkedIn offers a wide array of targeting options including:

1. Company Name (allows you to target employees of a specific company)

2. Company Industry

3. Company size (target small, medium or large companies/employees)

4. Job title

5. Job function

6. Job seniority

7. Member schools

8. Fields of study

9. Degrees

10. Member skills

11. Member groups

12. Member gender

13. Member age

14. years of experience

15. Company followers

16. Company connections

Set the budget, bid and campaign settings

This is the step where the cost comes into picture. You can choose a bid amount, daily budget, start/end date etc. Be careful in this step since a wrong configuration can lead to losing money.

The last step is to setup your payment process, which is the typical credit card setup that you do. Once the payment is done, you are all set. Just take a look at your ad manager dashboard and make sure your Ad is in active status.

Check out more details of InMail ad campaign offered by LinkedIn.

If you require any help with creating, optimising and managing your campaigns, you are welcome to contact SpiderWorks Social Media team.

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