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Internship and project for MBA students in Kerala

Most of the MBA programs in Kerala require the students to do a 2-months internship and project in one of the reputed companies. However, it is a big challenge for the students to find a company in Kerala that allows them to do their internship and project.

Due to the practical difficulties in finding a company that allows them to do their MBA project and internship, many MBA students end up either buying readymade project reports or arrange fake internship letter from some paper companies. But what they really miss is the practical experience in working with a company and get some real-world experience.

Some of the companies that offer an internship for BBA and MBA students would just make them do some data entry or routine work, which gives no exposure or learning opportunities for the students.

Internship for MBA students in Kerala with SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd

Being the leader in digital marketing services, a lot of MBA students and graduates approach us for an opportunity to do an internship with us as part of their Masters in Business Administration course. Even though there are a lot of practical difficulties in allowing the students to do their internship with us, we have been trying our best to accommodate a few students.

Starting from January 2018, we have decided to offer a structured program for BBA and MBA students to do their internship in marketing with us.

Our structured internship program combines the best of education and works into a single program.

Here are the highlights of our training-cum-internship program:

1. The duration of the program is 3 to 6 months, depending on the requirement,

2. We will provide training for the students in the latest digital marketing strategies and technologies so that when the trainee completes the BBA or MBA program and gets into the real world, he will be well equipped to use the digital marketing platforms to market their business to the next level.

3. Interns will be assigned to one of our digital marketing projects so that they can do practical work while learning digital marketing.

4. Two certificates will be issued to the interns at the end of the program – a Digital Marketing Course Completion Certificate & and an Internship Certificate. They can use these certificates for their academic purpose and also while searching for jobs. For MBA students, a training certificate in digital marketing will be really helpful.

Program Details

Students must bring their own laptop to do an internship with us. You will be asked to perform various tasks as part of the internship. A senior project guide will be assigned to you who will teach you how to perform various digital marketing related tasks.

We allow projects only related to digital marketing and search engine optimisation. You can choose the niche like travel, education, marketing, technology etc.

The first month will be the training period where you will get trained and subsequently you will be enrolled in the internship program. After the training period, you will be paid a stipend until the end of your internship.

Read more about the internship for MBA students in Kerala.

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