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Important Factors to consider while choosing a Web Designing Company

Going online is the best thing that can happen to you r business and work these days. While internet is getting to whole lot of newer places and people with the technical advancements, the scopes, the audience, the spread of word in the market and world has also got a new dimension. Though it is very easy to get online – get a website done, put the content on and then market the same via various channels; the whole process has a number of bottlenecks. Which web designing service to choose, which server to book, which platform to choose for the website etc. This post will focus on various important factors one should consider while choosing a webs designing company and how would the choice impact their business. So, let us find out how to make the right choice.

# 1 – Be clear about the requirements:

While you are deciding to go online, it is important that you should have a clear cut picture of your website requirements. If you have to post just static content then you will not need any complex website which means that going into a lot of technicalities and plug-ins etc is not required.

Sometimes people get duped in terms of website functionalities. The web-designer keeps on adding menus, headers, controls etc to make the bill BIG at a time when you don’t need all that.

Being clear about what you want and being a little read and informed about your requirements will save you a lot of time as well as money. e.g. you can ask the web-designer to send a document entailing the process of developing the website and then browse the internet to know the technical terms in detail. This way you can avoid getting bulldozed via the technical terms and in turn getting duped.

#2 – Comparisons and Analysis (Your Homework):

Browse the internet to find if you have competitor websites or browse the websites that are similar to your website. This will give an idea of the content that you have to post in order to be different from the already existing websites.

This way you will be able to find out any copy-paste elements in your website. After having done your homework, you will be able to steer of the web-designers that show you a portfolio of websites with common elements.

# 3 – Portfolios are a MUST:

Before you finalize a web-designer for your website, you should ask them for sending a portfolio in which you can find their previous works with details of functionalities, chronological work sequence and the technologies.

The comparison of portfolios will help you in differentiating the really good web-designers from the rest.

It is important that you also check the time sequence. For example, if you are checking out a portfolio in which all the websites mentioned have been developed like 2 or 3 years ago it means that the web-designer has been out of track since then and might not be the right choice for you.

#4 – Technology, Trends and Rankings:

While you are choosing a web designing company, you should check on three things – Technology, Trends and Rankings.

It is a must that the technology you wish to make your website in, is well understood as well as well worked upon by the company you are choosing. Experience is a valuable asset and if the company has it, it is a plus point.

Try to assess whether the websites designed by the company are confirming to the recent trends or not. The push notifications buttons, active chat notifications, subscriptions, follow buttons and App Buttons are some recent things that are generally incorporated in the websites these days.

Check out the rankings of the websites that have been designed and developed in the recent past by the company. The results of their efforts will surely be reflected the way they are being ranked.

#5 – Prices and Negotiations for developing your website:

Prices should not be the whole sole criteria of finalizing the option. Low prices can indicate a lot of cons as well. If a company is outsourcing the work to some freelancer or other start-up; if the features they promised are not present completely; if the website comes without any maintenance help or any troubleshooting; if the template is pirated; if the website is just copied; and tons of other reasons are there – the prices are bound to be lower as compared to a genuine company.

Negotiations should be done fairly and considerately.

#6 – Content Management Access:

You should choose a company that allows you to access the content management system at all times.

Admin login and access to the control panel will help you to detect anything fishy at any time.

Transparency is a must while choosing any developer.

#7 – Testimonials, Research and Domain Experience:

You should check the testimonials of the company you are going to choose. Though generally the testimonials are good; you can dig deep and make some calls to the previous clients to know the work relationship and process of working of the web designing company.

A bit of research into the working procedure, visiting the actual office, having conversations with the person who is actually going to work on your project etc can also make you understand the company better.

When you check the portfolios, you should also check whether the company has some experience in the kind of domain you wish to work.

After having read some of the pointers you can consider while choosing some web-developing company, let us read some miscellaneous points that can prove crucial in making the decision.

Other Points to Consider While Choosing Your Web Development Agency:

The website should be customized completely. Pirated templates have redundant codes and virus that can affect the proper functioning of your website.

The website should be designed in order to be compatible with various devices such as mobiles, pads, and desktops.

Resolutions, monitor sizes and browsers should not be ignored. Open the website in different browsers and check the display of various elements. Check for horizontal bars as well.

You must choose only those persons with whom you feel confident enough to have positive discussions. If you are not able to convey your demands and requirements to some person, then it indicates that the interaction will not produce any good results.

Sometimes you start with a clear image of what you wish to get developed as a website. Later either you get persuaded by the designers or you get carried away and end up with a website which is far away from what you wanted. Hence, confirm the website design with the required model at every step and phase of development so as to get what you want.

Identify the delays. It is important that the work is completed in a justified time period. When you are interacting with a web developer you will get to know in very first meetings, the time he or she takes in responding to your emails and messages and other conversations that whether you are working with a swift worker or a slow one. Choose a person that matches the pace of your work style so as to keep frustration and anxiety at bay.

Having gone through various dos and don’ts for choosing a web designing company, let us learn how a right and wrong choice can affect your website in the long run.

The Right Web Development Company in India

Having chosen a good and quality web developer means that your website will be sans any basic and elementary problems such as pirated versions of templates, redundant codes, security vulnerability, resolution and browser related display problems etc.

Working with a competent and intelligent person brings out the best in both the parties which is the best thing that can happen to your website. Good web developers are never bugged up by frequent calls and messages and they stick to supply what you want and not get stuck with what ‘they’ think is good.

A well learnt and updated web developer will be able to represent the information in lots of ways. It means you will have many options to choose from and you will not feel like being fed the common and out-dated things at any phase of development.

Maintenance and troubleshooting is always welcome at the good web-designing companies.

Common Mistakes While Choosing a Web Development Company

If however, you choose some web developer that is neither competent nor intelligent, not only your website will speak of the poor work; you will get into problems time to time.

The website functioning and response will be hampered and you will need re-designing.

Bad web developers will not stop even a second to copy paste things over and over which doesn’t give an edge to you over your competitors.

Getting hacked, low rankings, less user satisfaction and poor browsing experience are some of the other problems that can occur.

Finding out a web developer that is the best for you might take some time, effort and monetary input, but it will save you a lot of future headaches and problems. It will pave your way to endless opportunities and a hoard of audiences.

Hence, choose well to do well..!!

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