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Google Data Studio – Best tool for Digital Marketing

Google Data Studio is an innovative solution from Google that helps you converts your data into presentable reports and the best tool for digital marketing. One of the advantages of Data Studio is, you can connect various data sources including AdWords, Analytics, Search Console etc and bring all the data together to present a meaningful and easy to understand reports for your clients or for your own analysis.

A sample Data Studio report prepared by SpiderWorks Technologies.

Data Studio – one of the best tool for digital marketing

One of the biggest challenges for any digital marketing company is, preparing reports to their clients that are easy to understand. Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India, SpiderWorks also face the same challenge. We provide monthly reports to our clients that explain the work we performed during the month, an analysis of the traffic and visitors the client website received and so on. We extract data from various sources including Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords and so on. This is a manual process since there is no automation tool available that integrates all these data into a single report.

How Google Data Studio is useful for Digital Marketers

Google Data Studio, which is currently in beta, is a great tool that solves this reporting problem. A wide range of data sources can be put together to create comprehensive and colorful reports that are easy to understand for your digital marketing clients.

Some highlights of Data Studio:

1. Put all your data to work:

Build information reports by using data from a variety of sources.

2. Transform your data into reports:

Data Studio helps you transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions to create easy-to-follow reports and dashboards. No technical skills required. Even your marketing team can build customisable reports.

3. Build engaging dashboards and reports:

Using Google Data Studio, you can build engaging dashboards and lively reports with graphs and charts.

4. Leverage teamwork and improve productivity:

In any business, teamwork is the key to success. Using Data Studio, your team can contribute various segments of data and collectively build useful reports.

Why digital marketers should use Google Data Studio

There are plenty of free and paid tools available for digital marketers. Data Studio is a game changer, bringing you the ability to connect a lot of tools and data sources together and produce intuitive, consumable reports in a single place. Digital Marketers who need to provide regular reports to the clients can stop using multiple tools and depend on a single tool for reporting. Here are some reasons how this tool is helpful for digital marketers:

1. Build beautiful reports for clients

2. Pull data from multiple sources like AdWords, Analytics, Search Console, CSV files, MySQL etc. Custom connectors allow pulling data from a wide range of sources.

3. Build dynamic reports that update the data in real time. You can build dashboards that pull data from the original sources. Data will be refreshed in real-time so that you will always have access to updated data.

4. Share your reports and control who can access. Just like Google Sheets, Docs and Forms, you can share the data studio reports with others and control the access based on email id or Google Account.

5. Highly customisable. With Data Studio, you have the power to create highly customisable reports. Every digital marketing client is different and may want to see different reports. With Data Studio, you can customise the reports according to the specific requirements of your clients. As of now, there are no other reporting tools for digital marketers with the kind of flexibility and customisation options available with Google Data Studio.

6. Most importantly, Data Studio is a free tool for everyone. Digital Marketing agencies can use Data Studio to create reports free of cost. In future, Google may introduce paid versions of it as part of its GSuite offering but as of now, this is a free tool.

Hire a Data Studio expert from India for your digital marketing business

Data Studio is a new tool from Google and it is currently in beta stage. While it can be one of the most useful tools for the marketing business, this tool is still evolving. The digital marketing experts and technical team at SpiderWorks are actively involved in beta testing of this new platform. Our technical experts are actively working on various aspects of Data Studio and we will soon start offering Data Studio services along with our other digital marketing services.

Data Studio Services by SpiderWorks Technologies

Being one of the most experienced digital marketing companies in India, SpiderWorks is now busy building engaging data studio reports for our customers. We will soon offer this as a service to other digital marketing agencies and businesses. If you are looking for data studio services, get in touch with us and we will be happy to extend our services.

If you are looking for one of the best digital marketing agencies in India that use cutting edge technologies to provide the best results, speak to us today. We will be happy to discuss your business goals and offer a custom solution to increase the ROI for your business through effective internet marketing strategies.

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