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Digital Marketing for Ayurvedic Products, Clinics and Hospitals

Are you running an ayurvedic hospital or clinic? Or, do you manufacture and sell or distribute ayurvedic products? Learn some strategies and tips of digital marketing for Ayurvedic products, hospitals, and clinics.

We have been offering digital marketing services for more than a decade and have been successfully promoting several Ayurvedic brands in Kerala, outside the state and even in foreign countries. Our strategies today are significantly different from how we were promoting our clients’ business a decade ago.  There is no strategy that fits all businesses equally. Every business will need to follow strategies that are tailored to their specific requirements. Our company – SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd – have been helping Ayurvedic businesses to market and promote their brand and products. If you like to get in touch with us, contact us:

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Our primary clients in ayurvedic business include the following sub-verticals:

1. Ayurvedic hospitals

2. Ayurvedic products

There are certain digital marketing strategies that are common for every type of business, which is applicable for Ayurveda related business as well. For example, the following scenarios are applicable for every business:

General Strategies: Digital Marketing for Ayurvedic Products and Clinics

1. Have a website

A website is the face of every business on the internet. You won’t be able to build and promote your brand effectively without a website. More than that, if you don’t have a website in your brand name, it is possible that someone else will create a website and claim your brand name.

2. Business listing

Make sure your clinic or office is listed in Google Business, Bing Business, and other business directories. If you have a budget for this activity, you may consider listing in premium directories, which will increase your brand visibility. Google and Bing business listing is always free. If you are not familiar with these business listings, you may contact us and we will do this free of cost for you.

3. Online advertising

Online advertising is a good marketing strategy for the ayurvedic business, especially for specialty products. One of our clients called Soothika is specializing in pregnancy care products like specialty oils for babies and pregnant women. We succeeded in establishing a good brand value for them through a range of digital marketing activities and online advertising through Google Ads played a lead role in promoting their ayurvedic products.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If basic SEO elements are missing on your website, your website may fail to rank well in Google search results. SEO is something that requires a bit of technical expertise, so it is better to hire experienced SEO company. We have been helping clients in the Ayurvedic field to improve the ranking of their websites in search results through organic SEO. Wrong SEO strategies can cause your website get penalized by search engines, which may cause permanent damage to your online reputation and business.

5. Social Media Presence

Even though social media is not in the top of the list for promoting a health care business, it still plays its role in digital marketing for Ayurveda related business. One of our clients called “Vedah Ayurvedics” had a significant Facebook presence and it helped them in getting a good brand visibility. If you don’t have a lot of budget for social media marketing, you can still create some free profiles and pages in all popular social media channels and share some pictures, videos and blog posts regularly to engage your potential clients.

Some tips for promoting Ayurvedic products and businesses

1. Don’t be shy to promote your products. A general drawback I have seen is, many of our Ayurvedic clients are shy to promote their business through the internet. Some of them even think it is unethical to promote a clinic or medicine. If you are confident about the quality of your product or service, don’t be shy. A trusted digital marketing company can help you reach out to the right audience and let them know about your products.

2. Choose the right mix of organic and paid promotions: The exact scenario may vary from business to business but from our experience, the best strategy for an Ayurvedic company is to choose a mix or organic as well as paid marketing campaigns.

3. Collect testimonials: Whenever possible, collect testimonials from your patients and customers in digital format. Many businesses are collecting client feedback in a notebook. But you should go digital to take advantage of the potential of digital opportunities. Ask your clients and consumers to give a feedback through an email and ask for their photograph. Embed such feedback and testimonials in your website. A few testimonials can significantly improve the trust level of your business. It will be even better if you can use a camera and record a 1-minute video testimonial.

4. Request your clients to review your business: If your Ayurvedic business is listed in Google Business or Facebook locations, you may ask your clients to review it publicly. A public review can help not only improve the trust level of your business but can help your business rank better in search results when people are specifically searching for Ayurvedic products or services. You may have seen businesses listed in search results. A Higher rating is one of the ranking factors for business listing.

5. Publish your research papers and clinical studies: If there are any research papers or legal documentation for your products, publish them on your website. Clinical studies and research papers can really boost your trust level among your clients and potential clients. Some of our Ayurvedic clients didn’t have any clinical studies documented even though a lot of research have been done in the past before they came up with their final product. We helped them to hire a clinical research scientist and prepare a properly documented clinical report.

6. Hire a good digital marketing agency: If you have the time to promote your own business, you can do it yourself and save some money. But it is always better to hire some experts and take advantage of their expertise in the field. It may require a lot of research to identify the ideal strategies for you. But an experienced digital marketing agency can get started quickly and start promoting your business a lot faster than you can do it yourself.

If your Ayurvedic business requires any help with cost effective and reliable digital marketing for ayurvedic products and clinics also other services, you may get in touch with SpiderWorks Technologies at +91 9495559690.

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