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Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Crisis

Want to know how COVID-19 has impacted the Digital Marketing sphere? Yes, the pandemic COVID-19 has severely affected the social life of people around the world. Of course, it’s high time we need to implement changes in strategies of Digital Marketing during COVID-19 crisis also.  The Coronavirus is peculiar in many ways and its asymptomatic nature has forced nations to practice social distancing. Resulting in closing down of industries, superstores and every place humans may gather.

The struggle to contain the virus and researches to invent a vaccination is on at laboratories across the globe. Although the businesses have been on a downturn due to the apocalyptic scenario, an inactive DNA/ RNA should not defeat us.

The doctors, nurses, health workers, police and others are on the battle with the virus. The direct impact of the Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is on the economy of the nations. It is for the business entities to stand up and make all-out efforts to bring it back on the track.

You should not reduce the marketing of your products. Rather design the marketing and selling strategy according to the prevailing social conditions. In this article, we’ll share some insights about the effects of COVID-19 and lockdown on digital marketing. Bearing this in mind, let’s discuss the digital marketing strategies during COVID-19.

Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19

Acts that will Enhance Goodwill 

It is a tough time. People are suffering from issues of the financial crisis, fear of COVID-19 and uncertainty about the future. They are searching for a stick to lean on during the walk ahead. As a responsible business firm, you must be at the forefront of boosting the morale of society.  

It can be through informative leaflets detailing the precautions to prevent COVID-19 spread. Or communicating with the customers frequently is the first and foremost digital marketing technique during this COVID crisis to encourage  your clients to continue the fight.

You can use the digital medium to convey to your clients that you are with them during this harsh period. The simple humanly acts will cement the identity of the brand, improve reputation and make your business credible among people. It is good both for the goodwill of the company and the greater good of society. Your brand identity also will improve phenomenally.

Save on Your Budget

It has been ascertained that Coronavirus can remain on objects for a certain period of time. The fear of being infected has resulted in a reduction in the circulation of print media. The budget allocation for marketing and advertising through print and visual media could be curtailed for the period. Thus saving on the additional expenses. 

Usage of social media has grown to a greater extent during the lockdown. Business firms could concentrate on digital marketing through social media. Prepare catchy contents, posters and flyers that can engage the audience. Announce special offers that can fetch you more clients. It will not entail any additional expenditure from you. On the other hand, it will publicise the business more. The money saved could help in greater sustenance of the business.

A good time to be Aggressive on Organic SEO

Your marketing team may prepare SEO-friendly blog posts, articles and so on. Or may reach out to a digital marketing agency who is expert at it. The professional agencies would be able to help you create marketing materials with organic SEO. Thus enhancing your brand identity.

Enhance your digital assets

Most of the business owners have misconstrued Facebook and Instagram as the only source for social media marketing. In a way, Facebook and Instagram have become synonyms for social media. There are other applications too, that could be helpful in branding and marketing. The applications and social media sites including Pinterest, LinkedIn Youtube, TikTok and Snapchat could also be used for the marketing of your product. 

Of late, Linkedin has been gaining momentum in the marketing world. Also, Youtube videos are garnering wide publicity. You may prepare content for these sites and applications. Or recommend the same to your digital marketing agency. Since none of these social media sites/ applications charges for anything being posted, you can improve your brand identity without spending any additional penny.

Besides, you may also consider this time to revamp your website. Your business website could be designed to meet the needs of the present. 

Remain in Touch

You should not stop connecting with your potential clients. You must be more responsive to the queries from the customers. This will reinstate that your business is still in a healthy condition. And you are pledged to serve the customers during these difficult conditions too.

Create Online Campaigns

Experts suggest Online Campaigns as one of the successful digital marketing strategies during this COVID crisis, like any other time. Since the usage of the internet has amplified presently, it is better to plan some ad campaigns. You may use Google ad campaign or Facebook campaign to promote your business. The ads must be prepared after ascertaining the tastes of the customers, who may use your product or service.

You need to select the right kind of ad words, choose the region and age range suitable to your business. Besides everything, put a top cap on your expenditure on ad campaigns. Constant monitoring may be required during the initial phase of the campaign to identify the areas that work/ do not work. If the conversion rate is less than you calculated it, you need to undertake necessary changes. Instead of continuing with the campaign.

Keep Your Google My Business Updated

Keeping your GMB updated is another important digital marketing activity during the COVID crisis. Google will show the closest business provider when a potential customer searches for a product “nearby me” or “near a particular place or location”. If you haven’t specified your business as open or working between so and so hours, the Google search result will show you as “closed”.

You need to mark your business as “Open” and may reflect the specific working hours. So that the client will not turn away from you and start searching for another firm. You will have to contact “Google My Business Support” to undertake necessary changes. The method for incorporating changes may change in future. And business entities and owners will be able to include necessary changes by themselves.

Bottom Line

Never stop promoting your business in whatever way you could. Digital marketing is one of the most chosen marketing methods that can be adapted by every business firm. It is a cost-effective advertisement method with extended reach.

At the same time, follow the guidelines and regulations promulgated by the government. To stop the spreading of COVID-19. The government agencies are trying day in and day out to save the infected people and to keep others away from the pandemic.  Elevate your digital marketing strategies during COVID crisis and keep your businesses ahead of the curve. 

Before we end, let us have a look at the safety precautions to prevent COVID-19

–          Use facemask when you go out

–          Wash your hands frequently using soap, in the prescribed manner, at least for 20 seconds

–          Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer could be used if the soap is not available

–          Never touch your face, eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands

–          Keep a social distance of 1 meter with others at a public place

–          Stay home as much as possible. Coronavirus will come to you only if you go out and invite

–          Cover your nose while sneezing

–          Get tested if you find any of the symptoms

–          Remain at home quarantine if you have returned from a foreign trip recently

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