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Best Digital Marketing Tips & Strategies for Dental Clinics

So you’ve come here for two reasons. One, you own a dental clinic and two, because you’re looking to do digital marketing for dental clinics or the other possibility is some trusted friend of yours recommended you to us. In this article, we are here to offer you some free tips on how to market your dental clinic digitally and also give you some tips to do digital marketing for a dentist. We have also provided some proven digital marketing strategies for dental clinics.

If you are not confident of whether marketing your clinic digitally is better than marketing it physically, read our article on why you should opt for the former. The fact is that like we mentioned in our erstwhile articles – the battlefield has changed. And we are revolutionizing the digital space by helping hundreds of our clients, especially dentists and medical services, to constantly escalate their reach on the digital space at prices that are only friendly. Now although many claims to excel in the industry, what you as an intelligent client need to understand is that splurging hastily is not the answer to digital marketing issues. Every business needs custom tailored campaigns and needs to be worked upon from scratch. And the digital marketing agency not only needs to be able to do that efficiently but most importantly, must understand the market in which you are to operate.

How SpiderWorks Technologies can market your dental clinic?

SpiderWorks is one of most experienced and trusted digital marketing agency in India with its inception in 2005. We have helped several clients, including dentists, to develop their digital marketing strategies within the ethics and guidelines of medical associations and authorities.

To associate with us in the digital space, reach us at [email protected]  or call us art +91-9495559690. Additionally, you could stay with us for a while and have a look at what our happy clients have to say about what we did with them.

Moving on to offering the best tips to digital marketing for dental clinics, we must first apprise you that although most digital marketing agencies (count us in too) say that every campaign needs a personal touch, there are some general strategies that are supposed to work for almost any business.

General Strategies

Buy a domain, establish a website

– If you have been trying to market your clinic in the physical space without actually having a website, you are actually falling short of marketing opportunities. Or perhaps, you are not able to do digital marketing for dental clinic of yours. Imagine – A highly satisfied patient of yours refers one of his friends to you but forgot to share any contact details of your clinic with him. And since a family member of this person needs the services of your clinic, they might want to reach out to you but you aren’t having a web presence and he is compelled to move to some other clinic.

Business Listing

– An alternative solution to the problem to do digital marketing for dental clinic presented above may be having your business listed on online directories, yellow pages or even JustDial. In fact, there are a number of businesses which are running successfully and part of their success is owed to these listings because that is where they are found. Not only this increases your brand visibility, but also translates directly into revenue, thereby affecting positively your ROI.

Online Ads

– It is possible that you are not able to trust digital marketing agencies directly because, to be honest, there may be a number of them who may pretend to be professionals but haven’t spent even half of the duration for which we have stayed in this business. In that case, you can hire a keyword specialist and entrust your Google AdWords campaign to him or do the same yourself.

Social Media Presence

– An alternative and cheap way to promote your business only and increase your media presence is by finding your customers online and engaging with them through portals such as the Facebook page and Twitter. However, if you require an individual touch to digital marketing for dentist or to digital marketing for dental clinic, you may reach out to us for we have been revolutionizing digital marketing strategies by promoting our clients ruthlessly on the social platforms.

On the other hand, there are certain strategies the applicability of which vary by the nature of the business. Following are some strategies which are suited to dental clinics.

Personalize your website

– Building a website and having one which is able to not only increase your brand visibility in the web space but also is directly translating into revenues are two different stories to tell. You can mention your tariffs and the services you provide. Additionally, you can write articles and blogs specializing in this field as an expert.

Intelligent Promotion

– In order to promote your clinic which means you are doing digital marketing for dental clinics, you need to first find out what is the target audience of your clinic. Are you able to provide services only within your district, state or do you quickly plan to become a national level professional? Keeping such parameters in your mind, you should hatch out a plan through which you not only receive organic traffic on your website but also are visited by people looking for a dental clinic within the area you are about to target.


– Customers are your best marketing agents. In your case, your patients. If you are able to satisfy your customers, offer painless treatment options, and help them with their troubles, they are going to make you popular. They can be more useful, however, if you allow them a space on your digital platform, which may be your website or your Facebook page. Alternatively, you may request them to record a quick two-minute video clip which you may share on YouTube and reshare the same on your social media profiles.


– You may also ask your patients to review your clinic on or primarily Google. This is a quick way to ensure that a patient who has not been ‘referred’ to you by anyone but is simply looking for a good dentist to help him with his gum problem, visits your clinic after reading a horde of positive reviews about you on Google.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

– It is money that drives more money and share market is not the only place where this holds good. In fact, the same stands true for any business. Here’s an article on best tips on hiring a digital marketing agency to do digital marketing for dental clinics or digital marketing for dentists that we wrote recently and which we’d like you to read. The most important thing one must consider while hiring such an agency is that they not only have enough experience working with similar clients but also understand the market as well as the requirements of the target audience.

In the past, we have worked with a number of medical units. Read our case studies before you reach out to us. Get a free quote from here to do digital marketing for dental clinics. 

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