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10 Important Factors for Building an Online Brand

Online branding is the next thing after the online marketplaces and online market analysis. The simple application that started just for the sake of exchanging information i.e. Internet has now become a giant in almost every sector. The unsurpassable power of being, doing, controlling, managing, and sharing almost everything without being at the place of action has made man resemble almighty. The past decade saw how online marketplaces and online business became good sources of income and business which gave rise to the online branding too.

While talking about the brands, one must understand that brand is the single most important thing to a business or organization. It is important that you are able to sell such irresistible offers which can generate brand loyalists in return. It is very important to build trust and if built, it should exist on both the sides. The major problem with the online brands is that the people interacting are not sitting face to face and thus the trust building requires special effort from both the sides.

This post is directed towards the most crucial factors which play a crucial role in building an online brand. Let us read and find out what these factors are and how they control the Online Brands.

First of all, let us understand what a successful brand means. A brand is said to be successful if the brand has established a position in the market, by fulfilling some value proportions and successful and positive 2-way communications. The brand holder knows that the overall experience of the users with the brand is good and has been garnering positive response. This is what successful brand means.

Various Factors Controlling the Online Brand

Customer based factors for building an Online Brand

As the customer is the major player in the online branding and satisfying, attracting and serving the customer in the best way possible is what one should focus on. By targeting the customers in the best way possible you can rest assured of the brand loyalists. Not only should the selling part be good but also the service and customer support part. The customer should feel that he/she is the king/queen. They request, you deliver and they grieve, you listen. You might be surprised by the returns accrued by some firms just by supplying an ear to LISTEN the problems, issues and other grievances faced by their customers. Always remember, happy customers are the permanent customers.

Factors which come under this category are:

  • 1. The targeted audience
  • 2. Their preferences, tastes, habits, interaction with the web, keywords they use and the way they browse the internet
  • 3. How to entice them in the exciting offers without losing much on your side
  • 4. What kind of products is used by them, what services they expect from you and what are the major problems encountered by them while dealing with the online marketplaces.

Object or Products

All the strategy and marketing planning will be done after you have finalized the product you want to sell. There need not be any physical product. For example, you can be an online brand of the social networking or chatting in which there is not a specific physical product being sold. There is no exchange of any commodity but still the users are there, something is being sold by you and you are establishing a brand. The customers should be targeted keeping the product in mind. I mean, you cannot target the people in the age group above 40 years to sell an online game of learning Alphabets.

You should employ the power of visual ads, campaigns etc

The content related to the product should be optimized as per the user searches.

Analyse the market before start building a brand

You have to analyse the market, study it completely and check the similarities and the differences in between your brand and the already established brands. Make the difference worthwhile and try to offer the services in a novel manner. For example, consider selling songs downloading service. Now, how are you going to make it different from the hundreds of earlier available websites doing the same thing? You can offer the karaoke, orchestra versions and remixes too. This will reduce the number of your competitors.

Analyse the competitors and follow them

You should always keep track of the new and trending things related to your brand or product. You are to ensure that every new thing introduced by your competitor is analysed by you and to prevent the stagnancy you introduce new things too which are not at all copied from your competitor.

Competition analysis for perfect brand building

After having done the analysis of the various competitors you are to now check the various key points in which they excel from you. Some of the important points which should be considered for this are:

  • 1. Their social network
  • 2. Online value propositions offered by them
  • 3. The websites they use for backlinking
  • 4. Content strategy employed by them
  • 5. Visual marketing done by them

Keeping in touch

You should keep track of your brand loyalists. Don’t let them slip away from your grasp. Send them messages regarding the latest offers, updates, news and tell them you miss them if they remain away from your product for too long. Make them feel special. Every single customer is important.

Make your motto clear

You need to make clear what exactly are you doing. Consider some examples of the already established brands such as Nestle (Good Food Good Life), LG (Life’s Good), Coke (Taste the Feeling) etc. They make you understand their purpose at the very first moment. The consumer should not be confused. You should make your motto speak for your product speak for itself. L’oreal (because you are worth it), Lays (Betcha can’t eat just one) and Master Card (There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there is Master Card) have really grabbed attention as well as customers on the basis of their taglines.

Location based

Though most of the online brands are not location specific, but staying in a competitive environment will always motivate you. Further the branding should be done keeping the location of the customers, their language preferences as well as other brand specific things which are liable to change as per the location. For example, you will not be able to sell the air conditioners in the cold regions of Russia. You need to focus on some other location.

Product Itself

Make sure that the brand and the product are developed and marketed as per the targeted market.

Customer and Customer Care

A successful online brand focuses on the product as well as the customer support. Listening to the customers, dealing with the issues, making sure that the problems are resolved and the best possible solution is provided by you, will always earn the brand loyalty.

Well, this completes the list of the most crucial factors for building an online brand.
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