The education sector is booming these days, even in India, with the kind of infrastructure and facilities that schools and universities are willing to offer to their students, especially the private ones. Although state-run institutions are less willing to invest in marketing themselves, private entities feel a big need to market their institutions, especially in the digital marketing area.

However, the fact remains that given the present culture of information sharing and reception, traditional ways of marketing ones’ ventures is not effective anymore. Sharing pamphlets are no more going to attract you prospective buyers of your business for the sole reason that nobody is reading them. People may be physically visible and present in the real world but truth is that most youngsters are receiving their information from the Internet. What is needed therefore is the quick realization that instead of splurging heavily on TV ads and physical marketing techniques, what is required is intelligent investments in the virtual world. That is where a digital marketing agency comes into the picture. And while hiring one, your top priority should be a primary due diligence in this field. You need to hire an agency which has not only stayed in the digital business for long but also understands the market in which you operate. In your case, it is the education sector.

The top priority of any private educational institution is to increase enrolments. If you are willing to associate with us, reach us at: [email protected] or +91-9495559690. Additionally, you could stay with us for a while and have a look at what our happy clients, among which are some top schools and universities, and know what they have to say about what we did with them.

Let’s now move on to discuss some basic digital marketing strategies for schools which are generally applicable to most types of businesses entities, especially schools, college and universities.

General Digital Marketing Strategies for Schools & Universities

Establish an informative website

– Research has it that most students these days make their decision on visiting a college or school campus (in this case, it is the parents obviously) after having a look at the website of the institution. The website of your school or university is going to be a one-stop destination for prospective students and their parents to land in order to get the first trustworthy information about what you have to offer. Putting in some cool pictures of the recent fest you organized in your school along with the smart classrooms you have built to impart education through innovative ways to educate pupils is a bait for eyes willing to enroll into institutions which are going to turn them smarter. How about some pictures of the basketball court and the giant auditorium in your university premises?

Your website can also showcase the faculty members you have put to task. Beyond this, the description of the vision, and why your institution is the best among all is the added advantage so that you don’t need extra space for the same. The website is a foundation for the digital marketing strategy for your school or college.

Online Ads

– The first hurdle that you need to cross, as the promoter of an educational institution, is to believe in the power of digital marketing for your institute. If you do not have a digital marketing team of your own, which is very probable, you can start off by investing small sums in online advertisements on general platforms such as Google and at more specific platforms and websites which carry out reviews of educational institutions. Hire a keyword specialist so that you are better capable of targeting the right keywords and audience. Analyzing the return on investments on such ads should help you get motivated on going forward with the digital techniques for your school.

Social Media Presence

– You need to understand that students and their parents have turned smart. Most students and parents of your school are using Facebook and Twitter. You need to ensure that you are present where they are because you want to be where your potential customers are. Increasing the social media presence of your schools is so easy in so many ways – it’s cost effective because you don’t even need to hire a separate social media professional for the same (perhaps your school receptionist could do that). All that is required is an official Facebook page for your school and a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity. The primary target here is to tell people what has recently been going on in your university and make them realize that they would love to indulge.

Besides these general digital marketing techniques, there are a number of tweaks you could do in order to enhance the brand visibility of your educational institution in the digital space.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for your School/University

– If you are trying to promote your school and university and your only experience is in the field of education, chances are you have zero knowledge in how to market your institution on the digital space. Presently, there are a number of efficient and affordable digital marketing agencies who are willing to offer cost-effective digital marketing solutions for your educational institute. At SpiderWorks for instance, we have been working with a number of schools and universities whereby we began from scratch. No two digital campaigns or social media campaigns can be same or even similar. The reason is each educational institute has different marketing needs and targets and thus, each needs an individual touch. At SpiderWorks we believe that there is no shortcut to creativity and intelligence. At the same time, our 15+ years of online experience only comes to our rescue and there is a limit for us. What you need to ensure is that your agency is willing to collaborate and coordinate with you as your own and as the part of your own team.

Showcase research papers

– If you have a research cell in your university or college, chances are that many of your expert professors would have worked together with their students to make research papers. Showcase them.

Student Achievements

– Did your university team just win a national competition? Put it out there for the others to see and get inspired.

Media Reviews

– Create a separate media section on your university/school’s website and collect all the good reviews about your institution on the same place.

Mixture of ads

– Create the right blend of organic traffic and those reaching to your website through ads. In order to do that ensure that your Digital marketing agency understands the current SEO guidelines and requirements of the various search engines.

Testimonials / Review

– Do you have kids who have touched big milestones in their careers? Have them write testimonials for you. Also, have your institution reviewed by online magazines and have them put on YouTube for others to see. Reviews and testimonials are some of the basic elements of digital marketing strategies for any businesses, not just schools or colleges.

Email Campaigns with Offers

– Target the right audience at the right time and while you’re trying to increase your enrolment, throw some hot offers in their face in the mailer. A descriptive mailer full of infographics can do wonders. Engage your digital marketing agency in this.

Must we tell you that the above list is only illustrative and not an exhaustive list of things you could do to market your school digitally. For a complete affordable solution, get a free quote here or contact us directly.

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