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Top social media influencers in Kerala

SpiderWorks Technologies, the leading influencer marketing agency in Kerala, has been working with the top influencers in the state for the last few years and have developed a strong network of social media influencers across all verticals. We are the exclusive agent for many of the top influencers in Kerala and they undertake branding campaigns only through us. We are sharing a list of most popular vloggers, bloggers and social media influencers, irrespective of whether they are signed an exclusive agreement with us or not.

Who are social media influencers?

Social Media Influencers are the people who have knowledge and expertise on certain subjects and have the reach and influence on a large audience to affect their buying decisions. Most influencers build their follower base and audience through videos, blogs, articles or public speeches over a period of time. After building a large loyal audience, they can silently integrate marketing concepts or advertising bytes into their regular videos and thus influence the people.

Brands and businesses hire social media influencers to integrate their brand mentions in the content created by the influencers so that the brands can reach a large audience in a short span of time.

Social media has been growly rapidly and several social media celebrities came up in Kerala in the last few years. There are several popular vloggers in Kerala who regularly create videos and share their channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.   These popular vloggers have strong bonding and relationship with their regular audience which is leveraged by brands to promote their products through integrated content on the videos and content created by the influencers.

Influencer Marketing in Kerala

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. It has been used by popular brands across the world since the rapid growth of social media. However, it became a popular advertising model in Kerala only in the last couple of years. After the COVID-19 market situation, a large popular started working from home and also started using videos on a significantly higher amount of time. At the same time, traditional media like newspapers and printed magazines started losing its charm on an advertising perspective. This has made the beginning of a new era of advertising in Kerala – Influencer Marketing.

Brandaware, one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Kerala, developed a comprehensive platform for brands to connect with the influencers in Kerala. Brandaware offers various plans and packages for digital agencies and brands to building strategies and reach out to a large audience very quickly through social media influencers. Also, there is a comprehensive directory which allows the influencers to build an online portfolio and showcase to the brands.

Top social media influencers in Kerala

Are you looking for the most popular social media influencers in Kerala? We have been doing extensive research last couple of months and have interviewed several popular vloggers and celebrities in Kerala, who accepts integrated advertising plans as part of their regular videos.

Here is a list of top influencers in Kerala. Please keep in mind that this list is not in any specific order and is shortlisted purely based on our research on social media and our interactions with the influencers. We have excluded some of the vloggers who have a large number of followers but have little user engagement for their videos.

Sujith Bhakthan – Travel & Food

Sujith Bhakthan is probably the most popular vlogger in Kerala with about 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and about the same number of followers on Facebook. He started with a blog called “” more than a decade ago and eventually switched to video-based blogging under the brand name “Tech Travel Eat”. As the name indicates, he covers technology, travel and food.  He is a frequent traveller to various countries and shares a lot of travel stories through videos.

If you are looking for promotion of a resort or other travel services, Sujith Bhakthan could be a great option for you.  Check out his YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Ratheesh R Menon – Technology vlogger

1.2 million followers on Facebook page and nearly 1 million followers on YouTube channel without the support of any gimmicks and without any hair-raising adventure activities – that’s Ratheesh R Menon. He achieved his reach and follower base through his simple videos offering tips helpful for daily life.

Ratheesh started exploring the web since his high school and started doing freelance web designing when he was doing his higher secondary. He started his career in a college assisting computer science department but soon he realised his world doesn’t limit within the boundaries of one college. he started sharing his computer tips through his blog and later started his own video channels on Facebook and YouTube. Considering the knowledge and tricks packed in his videos, it didn’t take too long for him to become the most influential Malayalee vlogger on social media.

Currently, Ratheesh R Menon is one of the most popular vloggers in Kerala with a massive reach for each of his videos. If you are looking for an integrated video or a dedicated video promotion targetting the Malayalee audience anywhere in the world, contact Ratheesh R Menon.

Ebad Rahman – Technology and Lifestyle vlogger

“My name is Ebad Rahman, welcome to my videos” – this is a very popular tagline and punch intro of Ebad Rahman, who has been the mentor and guide for many of the famous Youtubers of the current generation. Ebad started his career as a video cameraman and has been into video editing and production for years before he started his own video channel to share his interesting stories and reviews. At the time of his starting, vlogging was still not popular and there were not much revenue opportunities. Ebad still continued his passion and achieved over one lakh regular followers within a short period of time.

His primary channels are on Facebook (430K followers) and YouTube (773K followers) in the name of “Ebad Rahman Tech”. As the name indicates, he shares a lot of technology-related videos. In addition to the tech channels, he has many other popular video channels in the health, food and fashion niche. If you are looking for a popular social media influencer in tech, health, food or fashion segments, Ebad Rahman is a perfect choice for you.

Nirmal T V – Technology vlogger

Nirmal is one of the first bloggers from Kerala, who quit his primary job as a software engineer and became a professional blogger through his blog ““. Eventually, he switched to video blogging and rebranded his channels as “Techniqued”. He is one of the few YouTubers from Kerala who creates content on English as well as Malayalam through equally popular channels on both the languages. He has two very active YouTube channels – one in English (Techniqued – 360K+ subscribers) and another one in Malayalam (Techniqued Malayalam – 137K+ subscribers).

Nirmal is currently one of the leading Smartphone/Gadget reviewers in India, who works with all major brands in the country. He is a regular invitee of all smartphone and gadget launches that take place in Mumbai and Delhi.

If you have a technology or gadget related business enquiry, feel free to connect with Nirmal and discuss the options available.

Ajith Narayanan – Tech & Tips through videos

Ajith Narayanan is one of the youngest vloggers in Kerala with nearly 2.8 million followers on YouTube. He started his video channel called “Malayalam tech” sharing technology tips and gadget reviews. Soon he expanded his range and started covering various lifehacks and entertainment videos on his YouTube channel. With his charm and high energy level, a lot of people love his videos, which is one of the reasons he became such a popular figure in the vlogging world in Kerala. Ajith has reviewed several gadgets, software and services in his YouTube channel.

Ajith started with an English video channel during his early life in the vlogging field but soon switched to Malayalam vlogging since he could engage better with his followers. Currently, his Malayalam Tech channel is very popular in Kerala and most of his videos have received very active engagement.  If you are looking for promoting a gadget or device to the Malayalee audience, you can contact Ajith Narayanan.

Unnimaya – Fashion vlogger

Unnimaya, popularly known as “Unni”, had a humble beginning with her Instagram profile in the name of “SimplyMyStyle”. Currently, she has over a million followers on YouTube, over 2 Lakhs followers on Facebook and 2.2 Lakhs followers on Instagram. Her videos have been very popular among the youngsters in Kerala and some of those reach millions of viewers in a few weeks after the launch. She is the first beauty blogger to get the Silver button on YouTube in Kerala. No wonder, several brands approach Unnimaya for marketing campaigns through her fashion and lifestyle videos.

Unnimaya started her adventure in the video world during her B.Com studies. She used her pocket money to buy products and review them during her initial times. Over the years, brands started approaching her, offering their products to get it reviewed and featured on her popular channels. She has been featured on several other media including popular newspapers in Kerala. If you are looking for an influencer in Kerala who can help you promote any beauty or fashion products, Unnimaya can be your first choice.

Jinsha Basheer – Multi-niche vlogger on Facebook

Jinsha Basheer is a Facebook influencer and vlogger with a popular multi-niche video-based page on Facebook in the name of “Jinsha Online“. She reaches millions of Malayalee community across the world through her videos.

Jinsha started her career as a software engineer in Technopark, Trivandrum. Her entry into video blogging was more accidental than a planned one. During her career at Technopark, she happened to experience some malpractice in a fuel station, which made her do a video to expose the same.  To everyone’s surprise, the video received thousands of Likes on Facebook and reached several lakhs of people which a few days. Media and other channels picked up the report and she became a celebrity instantly. her second video also became a super success in no time. Jinsha didn’t think twice but quit her primary job and became a full-time vlogger in a couple of months. Currently, Jinsha is one of the most sought after vloggers in Kerala, who frequently travels abroad for promotions as well as out of interest videos.

If you like to promote a travel business, resort, hotel, fashion products or any other legally operating business to the Malayalee communities living in Kerala or abroad, you can reach out to Jinsha Basheer.

Contact the leading influencers, bloggers and vloggers in Kerala

The above are some of the popular vloggers. Based on our research, we identified some of the popular influencers who are ready to work with the brands and agencies for promoting their products through the vlogs.  We could not connect with some other popular vloggers and some others refused to be part of this article.

If you know any popular social media influencer who deserve to be in the list of top influencers in Kerala, share their profile details as a comment below or contact us through the contact page. We will review their portfolio and if they deserve to be here, we will make our best efforts to contact them and check if they like to be featured in this list.

We will continuously update this list as more and more YouTubers come up and become top influencers in the Kerala vlogger community.

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