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Best Digital Marketing Strategies & Tips for Home Automation Companies

Did you just come up with a breakthrough in the home automation systems? Probably you are a startup composed of some geeky minds willing to turn every tide in your favor? Did you just structure your organization into an LLP or a company?

Great! Now most probably you’re looking for some innovative techniques to market your home automation company or need the best digital marketing tips for your home automation company. But since you’re short of funds or at least a little tight on it, you are not willing to hire an inin-house digital marketing team. But then how to get funded by that incredible VC without creating a lasting impression on your consumers? Seems like a tough nut to crack right?

Well, the answer to this is a sweet no. All you need to realize is that no matter how hard you try to market your products in the physical world for best home automation system, the outcome is not going to be as satisfactory as it was decades ago because people are not paying attention anymore.

Any amount of investments on bill-boards, standees in associate outlets or pamphlet campaigns are not going to bring the revolutionary difference in your business. If that is so, then what’s the solution. Answer is, effective digital marketing strategies to market your home automation solutions to the right audience at the fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing.

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As a CEO or the sales / marketing head of the company, you are looking forward to maximize sale of your home automation technologies or your best home automation system. While hiring an agency, you need to look for maximum experience in terms of time spent in the industry, achievements, clientele and experience in the specific sector in which you are to operate.

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This article operates at two levels. First we introduce to you some general strategies which should give you a head-start with your marketing campaign. These techniques are generally applicable to most business types. Post that we’ll proceed with specific digital marketing strategies to market home automation companies which are custom tailored to suit your business.

General Digital Marketing Tips

Here are some general marketing tips for every business and not just the home automation segment:


– If you do a little bit of research and search for best digital marketing tips for home automation companies , you are most likely to discover that close to half the online traffic is through mobile devices or phablets these days.

What we are trying to indicate is that the first big step as part of your marketing strategy is buy a domain name and set up a responsive website. A website is called responsive because it responds appropriately to devices of different screen sizes – be it an iPad or a Laptop or your smartphone screen – it fits them all.

– Secondly, your website is supposed to be a one-stop information portal for your potential customers. They are supposed to browse through it and come to know most of the things about you first hand. And your target should be to lure them in to visit your outlet or contact you immediately post being done with the browsing.

Potential customers looking for the home automation solutions would land on your website where they get the first impression about your business, which is your best opportunity to market your solutions to them.

Business Listings

– Are you listed on JustDial or the local directory of your district or state? Do people know you exist while they are looking for your competitors?

Make sure your automation solutions are listed on the local business directories. Most of the directories have free as well as paid versions. Google Business Listing is a free service where you can market your business to the clients in your locality.


– No, we are not talking about TV ads or printed ads in physical magazines. You must be right in thinking we are talking about Google with the best digital marketing for home automation companies and the likes of it. You need to learn to spend on ads online.

However, a mad splurge won’t do. Perhaps you need to hire a keyword specialist or a digital marketing agency which are supposed to help you choose and target and pay for the right mix of keywords.


– Do you land on the first page on the search results of major search engines such as Google? Hiring a digital marketing agency like SpiderWorks to do the Search Engine Optimisation for home automation companies enables you to do the right tweaks in line with the recent SEO guidelines from the major search engines.

Getting listed on the first page of the search results directly translates into a traffic boost which is going to make a difference. The idea is not to invests in ads as such but to get free traffic. You can call SEO a one-time worthwhile investment as part of your digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Techniques for Home Automation Companies

Here we are listing out some special digital marketing techniques for home automation companies in India. Have a look at it.

Email Marketing

– Do you have a list of people who could require your products and services? If you don’t, fret not for all you need to do is let people feed in their mail IDs while looking for latest information from you about your products on your website. Send them quick mailers with loads of infographics.

You can also send newsletters to let you know the latest update pertaining to your products. Email marketing services still work perfectly for home automation business marketing, provided you are able to get the right email database.

Publish Papers

– Goodwill is the key to any business includes home automation companies. And so is trust in your company. And trust of the consumers can be gained in many ways.

If your technical team is capable of some groundbreaking R&D, ask them to translate the same into readable form and publish the same for the best home automation system. There is nothing sexier than your consumers realizing that you know what you’re doing.

Digital Marketing Agency with experience in marketing home automation products

– Your one-stop solution to all your digital marketing requirements would be hiring a good digital marketing agency for getting the best digital marketing for home automation companies which can collaborate with your technical team as well as your in house marketing team (given you have one). At SpiderWorks, we believe that our clients are one of our own and our target is to provide them with efficient solutions which can be translated into increased ROI.


– Have you been able to earn satisfied customers for best home automation system? If yes, asking them to write testimonials for your brand or shooting a two minute video clip on how your product changed their lives is going to attract customers like honeybees.

The above list is not exhaustive. Any digital marketing campaign needs an individual touch whereby one needs to start working from scratch. If you need a team of experts who understand what you do and what your requirements are, we invite you to associate with us. Get a free quote to promote your home automation company through social media, search engine marketing or content marketing.

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