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Amazon store setup services in Kerala

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform in India, with its distribution centres and delivery network all over India. In Kerala, Amazon has many distribution centres and delivery networks.

If you are looking for the Amazon offices or seller support centres in Kerala to sell your products online, you may not find an office here. However, you can contact an ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist) and they will provide you with store setup services for a nominal fee.

SpiderWorks is an approved ATES, however, we no longer offer ATES services. We offer various digital promotions to support your business, while the ATES can help you set up your Amazon store. We have helped business owners to sell their products online through Amazon and their own e-commerce websites.

Talk to us about setting up an e-commerce store in India or contact one of the ATES listed below.

E-commerce solutions by SpiderWorks

We offer affordable e-commerce solutions to help small, medium and large businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our e-commerce website development services in Kerala.

Some of our recent e-commerce implementations include:




Amazon representatives in Kerala

With Amazon shopping so popular and common in Kerala, a lot of people are searching for Amazon offices in Kerala. But there is no customer accessible Amazon offices in Kerala.

If you are looking for Amazon customer service centre or phone number, you must contact their national call centre. You can also reach them view their official website . If you have placed an order with Amazon, you can see the order details in your dashboard and see several options to contact them regarding the order.

How to set up an Amazon Store from Kerala

If you are from Kerala and like to sell on Amazon, you don’t really need to go to an Amazon office. You can take the help of Amazon authorised personnel called ATES. They are people trained and authorised by Amazon to help sellers to set up their Amazon stores. ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist) are the people representing Amazon throughout the country. In Kerala, there are a few ATES people. If you are looking for Amazon office in Kerala, what you exactly need is to meet with an ATES. We have listed some of ATES in Kerala. You can either visit the office of them or discuss everything over the phone.

Amazon authorised seller support team in Kerala

SpiderWorks can help you to set up an online store and promote your business online. Contact us today and we will be happy to guide you.

Alternatively, if you like to work with individual ATES, you may contact one of the ATES mentioned below and seek their help on becoming an Amazon Seller.

1. Kamarudheen PKM, E-commerce consultant, Marketplace specialist. Phone +91 8714177530

2. Niyas Abdul Salam ( +91 88484 07347) (Amazon Certified e-Commerce Specialist from Kerala)

3. Padmanabhan, Trivandrum – 9847970605

If I missed any authorised ATES personnel from Kerala, please let us know. We will be more than happy to add them to this list of ATES from Kerala.

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