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Threads by Meta - All you need to know

Mark Zuckerberg recently released the initial version of Threads, an app developed by the Instagram team with a focus on text-based sharing. This new software provides users with a dedicated place for real-time updates and public debates, whether they are creators or casual posts. Threads' ultimate purpose is to assure compatibility with open and interoperable social networks, which are thought to influence the internet's future.

As a platform, Instagram has successfully connected billions of people worldwide through the sharing of photos and videos. Threads wants to build on this success by extending Instagram's qualities to text, providing users with a positive and creative platform to express their ideas. Threads allows users to follow and connect with friends and other people who share their interests, allowing them to broaden their relationships beyond the Instagram environment. You can also take advantage of the existing safety and user control features that are already familiar with.

The Instagram team is expanding communication and expression possibilities with Threads, building a new platform that blends the best of Instagram's features with an emphasis on text-based content.

How Can You Use THREADS?

If you live in one of the 100+ Threads-supported countries, you can start using the app by downloading it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Since it is created by the Instagram team, Instagram users can easily log in with your existing Instagram account credentials. Threads will retain your Instagram account and verification status.

You Can Download Thread From Google Play Store, Apple App Store

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Thread - App on The Google Play

Thread - App On The Apple Store

As your basic profile information is linked, Threads also allows you to edit your profile, giving you more flexibility and control. You can also choose whether or not to follow the existing followers on your Instagram account. 

It's worth stating that due to the close integration between Threads and Instagram, account deletion should be approached with cautiousness. You can remove your Threads profile at any time, according to Threads' supplemental privacy policy. However, you can only delete your Threads profile by also deleting your connected Instagram account.

Connect with Threads on Instagram:

Simply check in with your Instagram account to join the conversation on Threads. When you join Threads, you will be given a private profile if you are under the age of 16 (or under the age of 18 in some countries). You can follow the same account on Threads that you do on Instagram, allowing you to stay in touch with the people and things that are already connected. Furthermore, you have the option to find new accounts that share your interests.

Threads ensure accessibility by incorporating core features from Instagram, such as screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions. These accessibility features make the site accessible to all users.

Your Threads feed will include threads posted by the people you follow as well as recommended content from new creators you haven't heard of yet. Each post on Threads can contain up to 500 characters, including links, images, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. It's easy to share your Threads posts as your Instagram story, and you can even share them as links on any other platforms you like.

How is Twitter similar to Threads?

Similar to Twitter, Threads offers a microblogging experience to you. Users on Threads can quote a post, repost, comment on, and reply to posts, similar to Twitter. They may also see how many likes and replies a post has received, giving them a sense of engagement and contact.

Threads, unlike Twitter, allow considerably larger posts in terms of content length. Unlike Twitter, which has a character limit of 280, Threads allows posts to be up to 500 characters long. This gives individuals more room to express their views and ideas. Threads additionally let you include links, photographs, and videos up to five minutes long, allowing for richer and more diverse content sharing.

Threads' success, according to Mark Zuckerberg, is dependent on fostering a welcoming environment. He mentioned that this was one area where he felt Twitter fell short. Threads hope to build meaningful friendships and dialogues by emphasising a cheerful and supportive environment. Threads aim to differentiate itself from competing platforms, like Twitter, by offering users a unique experience that encourages a kinder and more fun microblogging atmosphere.

What is the risk to privacy?
Threads' privacy concerns include the collection of a number of personal details, as stated in the app's data privacy statement on the App Store. Health, financial, contact, browsing, and search history, location data, purchases, and sensitive information may be included.

Threads are now unavailable in the European Union (EU), which has strict data privacy requirements. Threads' creator, Meta, has informed Ireland's Data Privacy Commission, the EU's main privacy regulator, that there are no immediate intentions to deploy the app in the 27-nation union. The corporation cited regulatory uncertainties as the reason for the postponement of the European launch.

While individual privacy problems may vary, users should be aware of the types of personal information gathered by Threads and examine the regulatory environment and privacy implications before using the program. People must make informed judgments about their privacy and assess any possible risks involved with the gathering and use of personal data.

Given Meta's history of developing independent apps that were eventually called off, such as the earlier version of Threads within Instagram, the future of Threads is unknown. However, industry experts believe Threads will present a serious challenge to platforms like Twitter.

While the initial buzz surrounding the app has subsided, many analysts see Threads as a potential competitor to Twitter, owing to its combination of Twitter-style functionality and Instagram's popular user interface. This integration has the potential to increase user engagement and make Threads an appealing option.

Nonetheless, Threads' success is dependent on user feedback and the development of additional features. Some analysts warn that the app's intimate relationship with Instagram and Threads may not appeal to everyone and that the app's value proposition will decide its long-term survival. Threads presently lack features such as hashtags and direct chat between users, although they are intended to be introduced in the future.

Threads' long-term success will be determined by user adoption, continuing development, and the capacity to provide substantial value to its users.

Positive and Productive Conversation:

Threads are designed to highlight positive and constructive interactions by providing users with numerous tools for control and modification. Within Threads, users can control who can mention or comment on them. They can construct a list of hidden words, similar to Instagram, to filter out comments that contain specified terms. Users can also utilise the three-dot menu to unfollow, block, restrict, or report a profile. It's important to note that blocking an account on Instagram will also block it on Threads.

Threads and the Instagram platform as a whole place safety first. Instagram's Community Guidelines will be strictly enforced to manage app content and interactions. Instagram, with a strong commitment to user safety, has invested more than $16 billion in people and technologies focused on protecting its users since 2016. They will continue to advance their integrity measures and investments to protect the community.


Now, in over 100 countries, Threads is now available on iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To promote greater interoperability with other platforms, Meta is constantly striving to make Threads compatible with the ActivityPub protocol.

Threads intend to provide various new features to improve the user experience in future versions. This features better feed recommendations to assist users in discovering relevant discussions and contributors of interest. A more powerful search function will also be introduced, allowing users to conveniently track subjects and trends in real-time.

Meta is eager to hear from users in order to determine Threads' future development. They are committed to developing new features and introducing exciting new methods for app users to connect. Users' feedback will be crucial in improving Threads' functioning and enjoyment.

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