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List of Web Development Companies in Kochi

There was a time WordPress was the default choice for the website developments. Many web development companies in Kochi used to recommend WordPress based websites for their clients for several reasons, including the ease of development, short development time, availability of hundreds of plugins, ease of maintenance and content updation etc. However, in the last few years, many web development companies have switched to custom software development instead of using WordPress or similar CMS platforms.

In Kochi, there are hundreds of web development companies. But the majority of them are small web designing agencies, developing small corporate and information websites for clients in India and abroad. We did some research on the web development companies in Kochi, the technologies used by them, the price they usually charge for web projects, the approach they follow with outsourced web application projects etc. Based on our studies, we have listed some of the leading web development companies in Kochi.

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List of Web Development Companies and IT Companies in Kochi

Below is a list of Kochi based web development companies. Please note that I have excluded major national and international IT companies like HP, Infosys, Wipro etc and have included only the companies which have its primary office and development centre in Cochin itself.

1. Hatching Web

Hatching Web is the web application development and software development division of SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading Kochi based IT company, established in 2005. The company was founded by Tony John, a software architect who has been associated with global e-commerce and enterprise application development companies including Microsoft (India), Bank of America (USA), Home Depot (USA), Walmart (USA), Hewlett Packard (India/USA). Tony worked in countries including India, USA, Japan, Korea with major IT companies before he incorporated Hatching Web as an application development company in Kochi with a primary focus on web development.

Hatching Web has a talented team of gifted professionals who can design, engineer and deliver world-class solutions including web applications, CRM, e-commerce, software applications and more.


2. Vofox Solutions

Established in 2005, Vofox is a software and web development company which provides cost-effective high-quality and scalable offshore web development and software solutions to clients. Making use of various technologies such as Xamarin, AngularJS, Android, Azure, AureliaJS, EmberJS, MVC, IOS, and WordPress, Vofox delivers the perfect solution to their clients with the best ROI in time. The services of Vofox includes front end development, software & web development, mobile app development, content management, e-commerce and offshore services. Being a well-known offshore software development company in India, Vofox strategizes, develops and executes all their tasks with the utmost sensibility and perfection. Vofox has a team of professionals who are highly capable to provide their clients with everything they needed to make the product successful and unbeatable.


3. Logiticks

Being an innovative company, Logiticks leverages the latest technologies with custom-made technical solutions to businesses across the world. What makes Logiticks unique is their extensive domain expertise in core finance, banking, tax and the level of customer satisfaction they maintain. The major services of Logiticks include Mobile app development with Xamarin technology, AI & Cognitive Intelligence services, Cloud development with Azure, Blockchain development, Fintech solutions, and many more. Logiticks team consists of a unique combination of finance experts and expert technologists who are very much competent to understand their client’s business, rather than their technical requirements. Having a very strong sense of accountability and customer interests, they provide cost-saving solutions that are highly productive and efficient.


4. Parel Creative

Established in 2006, Parel Creative is a leading company which offers services including creative web design, social media marketing, logo designing, content marketing, branding, web development, app development, art direction, game design, ePublishing, digital advertising, web analytics, digital campaigns, and many more ensuring a competitive edge for your brand.  For more than a decade, Parel Creative has been providing innovative and ingenious solutions to various clients with a team of a fully-professional and experienced team who are very much confident is taking on projects of any size and shape. Working from India and Singapore, Parel Creative delivers creative solutions to a diverse client base bridging the gap between design, technology and business.


5. Rexav

Rexav LLP is a leading design agency specialised in providing cutting-edge solutions in diverse services including websites and application development, branding, and support services to private and public institutions around the world. The expert team of Rexav successfully delivers the projects on time without sacrificing any features or functionality. The major services of Rexav comprise Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Hosting & Domains, Graphic Design, e-Commerce, Branding, Web Maintenance Service, Online Advertising, and many more with a perfect blend of creativity, innovation and high-quality performance. In short, Rexav LLP can be termed as a one-stop solution for your Brand Identity from web and mobile to print and marketing.


6. SectorQube

Headquartered in Cochin, India, SectorQube is a leading provider of innovative IT Services, Consulting & Business Solutions that deliver optimal results to businesses worldwide, ensuring matchless transparency and a supreme level of certainty that no other organization can offer. Having more than 80 customers, SectorQube offers a wide range of products & services mainly in e-Commerce & Healthcare sector, with custom-made and turnkey software services in these domains. SectorQube’s handpicked team of digital strategists, designers, and developers work as a team and its best results in a synergy that produces creative and authentic solutions. The unique industry-based and consultative approach they adopt helps clients build and run more efficient businesses.


7. Arius Web Studio

Arius Web Studio, a dedicated wing of Ariussoft Infotech solely works to serve the Web Design and Web Application needs for customers worldwide. With a team of experts, including experienced Web Developers, Designers, and Content writers, Arius Web Studio creates perfect e-Commerce Websites, SEO Friendly Websites, Education Websites, Commercial Websites, and Web Portals considering the unique requirements of the customers. Having more than 300 projects in designing, developing and supporting services to their credits, Arius web studio is a highly reliable and competent web solutions provider capable to meet your most ambitious & complex projects. Also, they are committed to delivering global standards in unique web creations that reach new heights of unparalleled creativity.


8. Pencil Mania

Being a professional Web Design & Development Company in Cochin, India, Pencil Mania delivers state-of-the-art web solutions and services to meet your unique e-business goals. Pencil Mania specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of web services including Web Design & Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital marketing, Out-door advertisement, Print Media Design, Google AdWords, Logo Registration, Web Hosting, and many other services at a very reasonable rate in Cochin. Regardless of the company type or size, they provide professional and dynamic web application solutions, web designs, graphics and multimedia creations. Creative designs, best quality services, innovative concepts, the latest technologies, timely project delivery, expert monitoring, and cost-effective rate are the specific features of Pencil Mania solutions.


9. Vadizen Technologies

Founded in 2009, Vadizen Technologies is a company that provides IT enabled services specialising in e-Learning & e-Commerce sector. The various services of Vadizen Technologies include Web Design & Development, Application Development, Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, and other related services. Registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, Vadizen Technologies adopts a client-centric approach to every project ensuring long-term success along with services beyond the contract. What makes Vadizen Technologies unique is that they have a team of specialists who are experienced in software development, Internet marketing, Electronics and Supply Chain Management, Social Media, and more. The strong client base with a wide range of clients from diverse sectors itself shows the services and reputation Vadizen Technologies maintains in the web world.


10. Euro Infotech

Headquartered in Kochi, India, Euro Infotech is a leading IT company which provide services such as Web Designing, Mobile App Development and other creative web-based solutions to help your business grow beyond the borders. With over 16 years of industry knowledge and experience, Euro Infotech takes pride in possessing a strong base of 2000+ clients, 450 Website projects and 50+ Mobile Apps, all of them together makes this company a leader in this sector. While completing custom designed websites that are highly professional, Euro Infotech maintains the aesthetic quality, fast loading and operational feasibility at the same time building good brand value for your product or company.


11. Code9

Technologies is a fully professional Web Design & Development company, which leverages the latest technologies to deliver the best results and provides 24×7 services. Headquartered in Cochin, India, Code9 offers several services including Web design & development, Web hosting, Logo & Graphic design, SEO, e-Commerce solutions and WordPress development services with the best quality and optimal results. The team of skilled developers at Code9 makes use of diverse open-source applications such as WordPress, Typo3, phpBB, OpenCart Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, and many others to meet customer requirements. Focused on delivering high-quality services at a very economical rate, Code9 is very much keen on the successful completion of every project on time with the utmost precision and perfection.


12. Cabot Solutions

Founded in 2006, Cabot Technology Solutions is a value-based and cost-effective Product Engineering IT firm that delivers robust solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. Since its inception, they have delivered more than 500 projects on web and mobile platforms with the utmost meticulousness. The expertise of Cabot lies in the area of project management, enterprise product development, deployment to all major mobile platforms and other support services. The specialties of Cabot include Web Applications, Open Source Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Product Engineering,  Cloud Services, Mobile Apps, Technology Consulting, Maintenance Services, Staff Augmentation, MicroStrategy Mobility Services, Healthcare Solutions, and more. Through their excellent business analysis and project management solutions, Cabot alleviates the risks of offshore software development. The key element behind the growth of Cabot lies in the successful delivery of premium software solutions which are the perfect blend of design, coding and integration.


13. Metclouds

Being the leading IT solutions provider in India, Metclouds Technologies redefines the industry with high-quality software and world-class customer support services. The wide range of software solutions and services include everything from product to web development and technical support services to custom outsourcing solutions worldwide. Understanding the clients’ requirements and problems, Metclouds finds systematic solutions that are 100% customer-made and excellent quality. Metclouds’ areas of expertise include web application development, cloud services, product development, mobile application development, technical support services, web design and more. Regardless of the size and type of your organisation, Metclouds take on the best concepts and strategies to achieve unparalleled results.


Popular technologies used by companies in Kochi for custom web application development

When it comes to web application development or web-based software application development, there are many choices of technologies to choose from. Which technology to choose is the first confusion to solve after you make a decision to go for custom web development. Let us take a look at the technologies used by the popular web development companies in Kochi:

1. PHP with My SQL: PHP is a popular programming language among developers as well as development companies. The simplicity of the language, availability of technical resources and plugins, availability of skilled developers, etc are some of the factors that make PHP a popular choice among the IT companies in Kochi. Also, PHP platforms work well with free database systems like MySql, which makes the overall investment required for starting PHP development very low.

2. ASP.NET with SQL Server:  ASP.NET is the programming language from Microsoft and is widely used for enterprise-level application development across the world. Many IT companies in Kochi offer ASP.NET-based web application development in addition to PHP-based apps. ASP.NET works best with Microsoft’s own database system – SQL Server. However, it can be used with any other database systems including MySql and Oracle.

Which technology is best for developing web applications?

Well, there is no short answer to this question. The answer really depends on several factors including your requirement, budget, time frame, available infrastructure etc. Typically, if you don’t have a big budget, then you can go with PHP since the infrastructure and development cost is relatively low for PHP-based technologies. Most of the development tools for PHP are free, including the MySql database platform.

If your requirement is a large, enterprise-level application with a lot of developers in the team and millions of visitors expected to visit your website, then .NET is a good choice. The Microsoft .NET development platform comes with enterprise-level tools for development and deployment, including Server-class hosting solutions. The SQL Server database server from Microsoft is a globally recognized enterprise solution that can handle terabytes of data without any performance issues.

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