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How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023: Twitter Blue Checkmark

This blog explores how to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023, along with its meaning as an indicator of public trust and interest. Twitter verification serves to certify an account as authentic and of public interest. Verified Twitter accounts display a blue checkmark to signify their official status and credibility. Since its debut in 2017, Twitter verification has evolved substantially; initially, it was only available to celebrities, public figures, and influential people before expanding to all types of users over time. Knowing its history provides useful insight into its implementation process today.

How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023

1) Subscribe to Twitter Blue and pay the monthly or annual fee:

To begin the verification process on Twitter in 2023, users need to subscribe to Twitter Blue and pay the required monthly or annual fee. Twitter Blue is a subscription service that offers premium features, including the ability to apply for verification. By subscribing to Twitter Blue, users gain access to additional benefits and privileges, such as enhanced customization options and exclusive content. Paying the subscription fee is a necessary step towards getting verified and unlocking the potential advantages of the Twitter Blue membership.

You have the option of paying annually (for a discount) or monthly. The cost of Twitter Blue is determined by several factors. And Twitter Blue Subscription prices Different in Countries

Users must sign up and pay on this link to receive the blue tick verified badge: 

Organisations can utilise this link for registration and payment: 

2) Complete Your Profile:

In order to increase the odds of becoming verified on Twitter in 2023, it's crucial that your profile contain essential details. This means including an accurate representation of yourself in terms of display name and photo; selecting professional photos that capture who you are; writing compelling bios about yourself that demonstrate expertise or interests; linking back to any relevant online platforms that represent who you are; as well as providing links that showcase authenticity while helping Twitter understand the public interest and support your verification application process. A well-crafted profile not only shows off authenticity but also helps Twitter understand public interest as it facilitates verification applications!

3) Add a Verified Phone Number and Confirm Your Email address.

In 2023, when seeking Twitter verification, it's vital that you take steps to establish the authenticity and credibility of your account by including both a verified phone number and an email address that Twitter can communicate with for verification purposes. Doing this strengthens your application to Twitter for verification and increases your odds of receiving that coveted blue checkmark!

4) Set your tweets as public and avoid changing any details like your profile photo, display name, or username.

As part of your efforts to obtain verification on Twitter in 2023, it is crucial that all tweets be set as public and that there be no frequent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username. Twitter uses public tweets as a measure to evaluate activity and engagement while maintaining consistency in profile details such as photo, name, and username to help them recognise your account as authentic; frequent changes could compromise continuity during this process and weaken identity during authentication.

5) Wait for Twitter to review your account and grant you the blue checkmark:

After taking all necessary steps to become verified on Twitter in 2023, the final stage is waiting patiently for Twitter to review your account and grant you the blue checkmark. While they evaluate applications from all around the world, while you engage with your followers and post meaningful content, Twitter carefully assesses factors like authenticity, public interest, and adherence to guidelines when considering applications. Upon successful review, you will receive the prestigious blue checkmark that signifies the credibility and public interest of your account.


Securing the blue checkmark on Twitter indicates authenticity and public interest, making the process of becoming verified easier than ever. Thanks to Twitter Blue, a subscription service offering premium features, getting verified has now become even simpler! Subscribing to Twitter Blue, filling out your profile, verifying your phone number and email, setting all tweets as public, and being consistent will increase your chances of earning that blue checkmark. Verification requires patience and will stand as proof of your influence and credibility on Twitter. Now that you know How to Get Verified on Twitter, take this opportunity to get a blue tick on Twitter, It gains trust and respect from the community and may attract new followers. It also improves your visibility in search results and on the platform. So It will be very helpful to your Twitter marketing.

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