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Top SEO Companies in Dubai

Dubai is the gateway to the business world in the Middle Eastern countries. That is why, in addition to the hundreds of native businesses, a large number of global companies have opened their offices in Dubai. The UAE government through its innovative and business-friendly policies attracts businesses from across the globe and facilitates easy business management through relaxed policies and procedures to open and conduct business in the country. No wonder everyone who wants a global reach would consider Dubai in its priority list to open an office.

This brings up a challenge to the companies - how do they reach out to the customers? How do they get visibility among hundreds of other companies in Dubai that operate in the same market segment?

While there are several marketing approaches to promote the business online and offline, one of the most efficient and cost-effective approaches is SEO. Through search engine optimisation, companies can improve the visibility of their website on the search results and thus get their website to be found when potential clients are looking for the business. The dream of any business owner is to get their website in the first few positions of the search engines when people search for their keywords. 

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* 18+ years of SEO expertise (since 2005)

* 70+ Skilled professionals

* 100+ active clients

* Most clients are permanent clients

The success of SEO lies in a few factors:

1. Be in the first few positions on the search engine results page (SERP) for the most relevant keywords of the business

2. Be on the search results page for a large number of keywords relevant to the business

How SpiderWorks SEO Team can Help your Company in Dubai?

SpiderWorks Technologies, established in 2005, carries 17+ years of service excellence in SEO. The founder of the company has been working on SEO since the inception of the No:1 search engine - Google. Who else can be a better choice than SpiderWorks as your SEO company in Dubai?

A few reasons to consider SpiderWorks as your SEO company in Dubai:

1. 17+ years of SEO experience

2. Founded by an industry thought leader who has been working in SEO since the period Google was incorporated

3. 50+ employees in the corporate office with core competencies in various digital marketing segments

4. Local office in the heart of Dubai

5. Highly experienced staff with various departments like social media marketing, website development, software development, web hosting, server management, email marketing and more.

In order to achieve your SEO goals, you must understand SEO and implement SEO best practices. Some SEO best practices that can help your website include:

1. Building a strong website with rich content that addresses all the services your company offers, including a separate section or page for every keyword that your company wants to target.

2. Optimise the meta content of every page.

3. Keep SEO best practices in mind while preparing the content - 

4. if you are running an e-commerce business, follow the best practices for e-commerce SEO

5. Optimise your YouTube channel by following the YouTube optimisation tips.

6. Do an SEO competitor analysis and learn what they do. Prepare your website to outrank them. 

7. If you are a large company, go through the enterprise SEO tips

8. Make sure you have a conversion-oriented About Us page. Look into the About Us page SEO 

Successfully executing all of the above SEO strategies requires a lot of technical experience and a range of skills. It may not be feasible for a company to learn and implement all these without the help of multiple experts in this field. While hiring an SEO expert is an option, outsourcing to an agency will be a much better choice since they come with many years of experience in implementing SEO strategies. 

Choosing the right SEO company can be the first step toward your SEO success. If you are running a business in Dubai, you may consider the following list of SEO companies in Dubai.

Top 9 SEO Companies in Dubai

1. SpiderWorks Technologies

SpiderWorks Digital Marketing Company Dubai

SpiderWorks Technologies LLC carries a rich legacy of 17+ years of service excellence in the field of SEO. The company was founded in 2005 in India and later opened its office in Dubai, to serve its already existing clients with local support. The company quickly gained a good reputation and earned the trust of the companies. 

The primary strength of SpiderWorks is its experience, its big team in its back office and the expertise it gained through 17+ years of comprehensive digital marketing services. The company has worked with clients across the globe including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, UAE and more. Several companies have achieved success in their business by generating qualified leads through organic SEO services provided by SpiderWorks.

If you are looking for a reputed SEO company in Dubai, SpiderWorks can be your first choice. Take a look at the client portfolio and you will be impressed to find the company has handled several big brands not only in Dubai but also in other countries as well.

Website -

Phone: +971 54 378 7000

Address - G06, Bin Thani Building, Near Hilal Bank, Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE. P.O. Box 237739

2. Si3 Digital

si3 digital

Si3 Digital is a leading and innovative SEO and digital agency in Dubai with the proven expertise of more than 11 years of experience in the digital industry of the MENA and UAE region. Si3 Digital has proven its excellence in the design and development of websites, mobile apps, web maintenance services, eCommerce, social media marketing, and social media marketing. Si3 Digital is at the forefront of providing the best digital marketing solutions for companies in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and all across the UAE. Si3 Digital has a philosophy that is rooted in providing 100 percent customer satisfaction and service. Si3 Digital is a group of talented and experienced team of developers, designers, and digital marketers providing the best solutions for brands and businesses. The company is focused on providing the best and perfect solution for its clients based on their unique needs. Si3 Digital has the best recognition with its clients and has positioned itself as one of the most prominent and trusted e-commerce development experts. Si3 Digital with years of experience in the UAE and the Middle East digital industry market has been consistently making strides in being one of the topmost digital marketing and SEO companies in Dubai and the rest of UAE.

Si3 Digital has a prominent clientele and one of its clients is a widely recognized global leader in the sector. Si3 Digital has provided wide-reaching and focused services for the company throughout the professional relationship with the client. The best services provided by Si3 Digital are in the categories of UI, UX design, overall brand presence and visuals, and more. Si3 Digital is a leading digital agency in UAE delivering engaging and appealing visual experiences which are guaranteed to generate the best sales within the shortest period. Si3 Digital was established in the year 2009 in Dubai.

Website -

Address - Opal Tower - 701 705 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Net Venture Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

net venture digital

Net Venture Digital is a well-established and reputed SEO company based in Dubai with the best industry experience and expertise. Net Venture Digital Solutions offers the best quality and expert solutions at affordable and competitive prices. The company is a leading provider of online strategy development services and website management systems. Net Venture’s team of experts is the best in providing high-impact web solutions and offers profitable website management systems with guaranteed customer satisfaction. The company’s team of experts is excellent at understanding the client’s project requirements and delivering high-quality web solutions to surpass its clients’ requirements. Some of the notable facts about Net Venture Digital Solutions’ successful history include 17 years of industry experience, solid domain experience, 1000+ completed projects, matured & established processes, 250+ clients from over 12 countries, proven record of 5 times increased growth rate since its establishment, and competitive & affordable packages.

Net Venture Digital has reached exponential professional heights over the years, owing to its reliable and highly innovative solutions. The company’s biggest capital is its expertise which has been very effectively used time and again. Net Venture ensures that each of its client’s project requirements is dealt with sincerity and given the best attention and commitment from the company. Major international companies are partners with Net Venture Digital to date. The companies have been vested in Net Venture owing to the company’s successful run in the market and also its well-perceived brand image among its clients and the digital industry of UAE. Net Venture provides customized solutions at affordable costs to ensure that its clients are provided with the best solutions to meet their project and business needs. Net Venture was established in the year 2005 and has a pan India and UAE presence. The company is focused on providing the best and cutting-edge web solutions at competitive price points to its clients.

Website -

Address - NV360 Technologies FZCO, Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus – Dtec, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE


Based in Dubai, GTECH is a digital agency specialising in providing various digital services, including digital marketing, web development, event networking systems, event promotion, interactive installations, streaming solutions, projection mapping, virtual experiences, and event solutions. Backed by 30+ great minds with more than 14 years of experience, Gtech has successfully built record-breaking cross-media solutions for Fortune 500 clients such as Standard Chartered, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, SAP, Red Bull, Ford, and Cisco. Since 2008, they have been in the online marketing industry, providing the best digital marketing services to varied clients across several industries. More than a digital marketing agency, Gtech helps companies strengthen their online presence, reach a wider audience, expand their customer base, and achieve better business prospects.

Address - GTECH - Interactive Web, Digital Media & Marketing Agency, Office109, Sheikh Hamdan Building, Near Al Manara Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

5. Media Search Group

Media Search Group is a digital marketing agency in Dubai specializing in SEO and other online marketing services. Media Search Group has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked with clients from various sectors, such as education, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, e-commerce, and more.

Media Search Group offers other digital marketing services, such as web design and development, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, online reputation management, and more. They help you create a holistic and integrated digital marketing plan that suits your budget and needs. Apart from SEO and other digital marketing services, they are reputed for creating websites that work well and look good on any device. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Dubai to improve your online visibility, attract more visitors to the websites, and grow your business through organic search, Media Search Group is a good choice.


Address: Media Search Group, Level 20, 48 Burj Gate, PO Box 36615, Dubai UAE

6. Arise Edge Digital Services

arise edge

Arise Edge Digital Services is a well-reputed web design and development company in UAE consisting of an expert team of designers and engineers who are passionate about designing, developing, and growing its clients’ websites. Arise Edge Digital Services is a prominent company in UAE specializing in facilitating the growth of companies and increasing their leads by conceptualizing, executing, and managing digital marketing campaigns and also by improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The idea behind Arise Edge was conceived by engineer Mr. Hani who has a great passion for web design and development. Mr. Hani founded a web design business in his early years to realize his dreams and over the years took his business and web design passion to new heights culminating in the success and expansion of Arise Edge all over UAE. Arise Edge’s base in Dubai has helped Mr Hani to form the best team of talented professionals (engineers and designers) as Arise Edge’s core team. Arise Edge’s tremendous and sustained success over the years is the result of its dedicated team of professionals who always commit to their best in providing the best web and digital solutions to its clients. Arise Edge very well understands that in this digital era, to stand out one has to be exceptionally unique and creative in its approach. The company ensures that its clients’ websites are more than just code lines and visuals. Arise Edge puts the best effort into delivering its clients the most unique and best quality websites so that its clients’ expectations and trust are met with 100 percent success.

The websites created by Arise Edge are greatly recognized for their ease of use, clean coding & fast loading, creative design, and 100 percent customer satisfaction. Arise Edge makes sure that its clients are offered the best and most advanced solutions for eCommerce and more.

Website -

Address - Office 4101, Emirates Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

7. AP Group

ap group

AP Group is one of the best IT service providers and SEO companies established in the year 2013, based in Dubai. AP Group has a company size of about 50 employees who are experts in providing specialized solutions in Web development, Software dev, Magento dev, E-commerce dev, Live webcasting Service, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Consultant, Magento2, Mobile Application Development, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing Solution, Marketing & Branding, Naive Application Development, and more. AP Group also has dedicated developers to meet the various requirements of the clients focusing on e-commerce, transportation, and the advertising & marketing industry. One of the prominent clients of AP Group, LDC had hired AP Group to undertake the development of an interactive app for their students. The company ensured that its clients’ every requirement was met with the best professionalism and development capability. Regular updates were given to the client throughout the development cycle by a dedicated single-team representative from the company’s team. AP Group provides the best and complete range of mobile app development services that are to the best benefit of the businesses and enterprises with which the company collaborates. 

AP Groups are experts in providing pioneering web and digital solutions all over UAE and the Middle East. The company is a well-established IT solution provider offering pioneering solutions in Mobile apps and e-commerce web development. AP Group with its 7+ years of expertise in the digital and web industry of UAE has been at the forefront of providing trending and innovative solutions for its clients. The expert team at AP Group handles the complete cycle from the stage of product planning to the product delivery stages. AP Group provides services over a wide range of industries ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Address - Dubai Pearl building - Road - near Azco Supper Market - Al Hamriya - Dubai

8. Xpezia


Established in the year 2016, Xpezia is a well-reputed and recognized SEO company in UAE with the best professional history. Xpezia was created with the aim of providing the best platform for business owners in UAE and worldwide to manage their businesses online in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Xpezia focuses on providing effective, efficient, and affordable managing platforms for business owners to manage their business needs easily and efficiently. Xpezia’s services are available on web hosting platforms such as WordPress so that its clients’ are removed from the worries related to website hosting, management, or online stores during their busy schedules. Xpezia is an expert in providing specialized services in WordPress, CRM systems, WooCommerce, POS Systems, WordPress Hosting, Website Development & Management, and Digital Marketing & Branding. Xpezia makes an active effort to make sure the benefits of using WordPress are conveyed to its clients and the company focuses on the reformation of cutting-edge technology, creating stability and developing quick response time so that the company can meet its clients' growing demands with ease.

Xpezia has an impressive client list that includes major names like Health Magia and more. Xpezia has reaped great success in collaborating with various brands from a wide range of industries. The company has helped various organizations from across the globe to successfully manage their brands and also to increase measurable sales. Xpezia is a specialist in helping brands to communicate with their audiences effectively and efficiently. The company has the best capabilities for its clients’ KPIs and improves its reach to specific audiences of the brands. What makes Xpezia one of the best business solutions providers in UAE is its strong business ethics, professionalism, and client-centric approach. Xpezia helps in ensuring that its clients’ needs are met with the best solutions at all times.

Website - 

Address - Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

9. Zoondia


Zoondia is a well-established and leading provider of custom software development and technology solutions that are focused on the development of creative, customized, and affordable solutions to meet the requirements of its clients. Zoonndia is one of the best web and digital solutions companies in UAE providing mobile app development and various other services to clients like PEAPPS, etc. Zoondia has a pan India and UAE presence.

Zoondia’s collaboration with one of the best brands ‘ The First Group’ is a record of its successful client history. Zoondia not only created a microsite with the best recognition for its clients but also helped the brand reach a wider audience in a short period. Zoondia’s expert team has since been in the limelight of the digital industry of both India and the UAE. The company is well-known in the industry for creating engaging and usable apps for Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. Zoondia is very well focused on smart stack technology and also human-centered designs to ensure that its clients are provided with the best solutions. The apps and web solutions provided by Zoondia are engaging, affordable, and robust. The company makes sure that its clients are provided with full service and innovative web development and digital solutions for all the different types of requirements of its clients. Zoondia’s RPA services are created and designed in such a way that organizations can integrate their RPA technologies with Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence and other knowledge-based systems to facilitate enterprise-wide transformation.

Address - Zoondia DWC-LLC, Business Center, Dubai World Central, P. O. Box: 390667, Dubai - UAE

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