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SEO Content Writing Tips: 5 Things You Must do Before Publishing the Content

Content writing has changed dramatically in the past few years. The advanced algorithms of search engines have forcefully escalated the quality of content to a whole next level. It is crucial to take your content above and beyond the limits that marketers previously set.

SEO writing isn't just about adding up relevant keywords, but it stretches itself far beyond the traditional lines. Firstly, you need to produce high-quality and unique content. For checking the uniqueness of content, you can utilize a plagiarism checker. It will help you out in detecting instances of duplication in the content.

Secondly, adjustment and placement of keywords are also essential. In addition to that, the recent updates of Google and other search engines also indicate that they prefer to rank content, which is more relevant to users' search queries. Therefore, you would have to be highly conscious while writing the content. In addition to that, you also need to be specific, and there should be no room for irrelevant content. Although, you need to maintain the integrity of content by running the content through a plagiarism checker.

Things You Need to Consider Before Publishing the Content

SEO content writing tips

1. Check Plagiarism 

First things first, you need to use an online plagiarism tool to know the originality and uniqueness of content. Search engines do not tolerate duplicated content. They penalize websites that are involved in publishing plagiarized content. Therefore, it is suggested to run your content through the duplicate content detector.

There are free plagiarism checker utilities available over the web, and you can use them to detect instances of duplication on the go. In addition to that, the tool will also let you know about the sources from where the content has been duplicated. Therefore, using a plagiarism tool is essential in this regard. 

2. Check Grammatical Errors 

Afterward, you need to check grammatical errors in the content. You need to proofread the content thoroughly to eliminate all the mistakes. Along with grammatical errors, there's also a need to rectify sentence structure. It will help you out in making the content readable.

Google and other search engines prefer to rank content, which has no errors at all. Search engines' algorithms are so advanced that they get to know about the overall quality of the content by going through it. Then, you can use a grammar checker to rectify the errors. Most grammar checkers also come with plagiarism checkers, so you can run duplication checks on the content simultaneously. 

3. Check Keyword Density

Along with checking grammatical errors and duplication in the content, there is also a need to check keyword density. The keyword density of the primary keyword must not be more than 1%, while the density of LSI keywords should only be used once or twice in the content to keep the relevancy intact. Keywords are still an important factor in ranking your web pages.

The user intent of keywords matters a lot. Therefore, you need to be highly careful about it. In addition to that, you also need to look after the placement of the keywords. You need to make sure that keywords are placed in the right place.

The keywords should also not be stuffed so that it may appear to be unnatural. However, checking duplication through a plagiarism checker is necessary for publishing unique content. 

4. Add Meta Tags 

Along with writing SEO-optimized content, you also need to be conscious about adding up relevant meta tags. In this regard, meta title, meta description, and alt tag should also be added appropriately. You need to be careful while adding up the keywords in the meta tags. The repetition of keywords in the meta tags would only lead you to create a competition between your own pages. The keyword placed in the Alt tag should also be relevant to the image you have added. 

5. Prefer Active Voice Over Passive Voice 

It is also essential to look after the active voice in the content. Google and other search engines prefer to rank pages that consist of content written in active voice. Along with that, the readability of content in active voice is also increased. Active voice makes the content easy to read for children and teenagers as well. However, you also need to make sure that the content must be unique, and you can use a plagiarism checker to detect its integrity.

Bottom Line

In the last analysis, your content must be optimized as per the SEO requirements. Great content can definitely improve the chances of your SEO ranking. The content should be unique and must not have any grammatical or sentence structure errors. In addition to that, the density of keywords should also be optimized.

There is no room for writing the content in passive voice because search engines prefer to rank content in active voice. So, before publishing your content, always make sure to follow these steps for better results. 

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