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Social PR Agency – Connect with the influencers in Kerala

Are you looking for a Social PR Agency to take your business quickly to millions of social media followers?

Do you like to take advantage of the latest trend in online marketing?

How about a celebrity endorsing your product on their social media profiles?

What about a social media influencer visiting your premises and do a Live video showcasing your business?

We are the first Social PR agency in Kerala to launch a dedicated wing for digital PR services. It means we have the power to accelerate the viral potential of your brand to a large audience with the support of a team of social media influencers and celebrities.

 Yes, we just summarised what makes SpiderWorks the leading Social PR Agency in Kerala. Our connected influencers have served several brands to expand their businesses beyond boundaries!

What is Social PR?

Everyone is familiar with what is Public Relations and its importance in making the brand connect with the target audience. Traditional PR services include publishing information about the Brand in various offline channels like Newspapers, Magazines and traditional channels like Television and Radio.

Social PR, also known as Digital PR is the digital version of traditional PR activities. Social PR primarily includes sharing the information about the Brand or Business to the followers of celebrities and social media influencers through their social media channels. Usually, Social PR complements social media and other digital marketing activities.

How our Social PR Services work:

We start with understanding your business requirements. We will have a concrete analysis of your current business and where you want to reach next. Once we understand your objectives, the next step is to identify the influencers who can influence your target audience.

Identifying the right influencers is crucial. You may be able to reach a large audience by hiring an influencer who has a large follower base. Even though Reach is helpful in terms of brand visibility, this may not convert into business. So it is important to hire the influencers who have a follower base which includes your target customers.

Creating a social PR strategy and conceptualising a campaign is the next big thing in Social PR activity. It may require several rounds of brainstorming between the brand, agency and the influencer. If you come up with the right concept, the major part of the ground work is over.

Next step is to work with the influencer and execute the campaign concept. Remember to avoid too much explicit promotion in your campaign. Indirect marketing campaigns work best with influencer marketing.

Finally, wait for the big day – the day your influencer is going to release your campaign content. Whether it is a few shoutouts or a video, the day it is going to be released is the day you are going to see the biggest impact. After the first day, most social media campaigns seem to quickly lose their viewers. So, make sure you do everything possible to ensure your campaign reaches the maximum number of people on the first day.

You may accelerate the PR campaign through paid advertising. If the campaign is released on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, you can use the paid advertising options to boost the reach of the campaign to a targeted audience.

Keep monitoring the results and measure the success of your PR activity. You can see the statistics on social media platforms. Also, the number of contacts and enquiries you receive will be a good indicator of how successful your campaigns were

We have been working with several influencers for online PR activities for about a decade. We not only have access to the hundreds of social influencers throughout Kerala but also maintain strong personal relationships with traditional media as well. Whether you need help with traditional PR or social media PR, our team can help you.

If you are looking for Social PR Services, get in touch with us today!

Contact Kerala’s first Social PR Agency

SpiderWorks is one of the first digital agencies in India to launch a dedicated platform for Social PR to leverage the reach of influencers for brand promotions. Our Social PR team can conceptualise, create and strategize a marketing campaign for you.

We have a proven track record of conducting PR campaigns in foreign countries as well. If you are looking for a Social PR team to take your business to the next level through effective online activities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Founded by a social media influencer, SpiderWorks recognised the need for utilising influencers for brand marketing over a decade ago. Since then, we have successfully completed several influencer marketing programs and helped numerous businesses grow in their respective markets.

Having been in the social influencer industry for quite a long time, we are well connected with hundreds of celebrities and influencers who can talk for your brand and take it directly to the people who really need to know about your brand.

Our experienced and dedicated account managers will take the pain of negotiating with the influencers and making the best deals for you.

Just let us know your requirements and we will get back to you with our social media marketing plan.


Combining the power of influencers to reach millions of people with the marketing potential of Social PR, you can present your brand to millions of people in no time. There is no better way to showcase your brand and retain the impression in the minds of social media followers. Let the social media influencers connect your brand to their followers through stories, shoutouts, videos and posters.

As a leading Social PR Agency in Kerala, we can leverage the power of influencer marketing to promote your brand through the influencers. We can build stories for your business that will have a longer impression in the minds of the people than traditional advertising methods.

Engage with us to manage every aspect of your marketing project. We will take care of everything, starting from building a marketing plan, conceptualising the strategy, identifying the leading social media influencers, negotiating the cost, executing the project and finally, presenting you the success reports.

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