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List of Digital Marketing Companies in Infopark, Kochi

Infopark Kochi was started in 2004 by the Government of Kerala and it is spread across about 260 acres of land, which covers Phase 1 and Phase 2. There are about 32,000 IT professionals working in Phase 1 alone. Phase 2 is currently under development and is expected to host up to 80,000 professionals when it completes development.

Hundreds of small and large IT companies operate from Kochi Infopark. Many of the IT companies in Kochi Infopark offer services like digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Google Ads etc. Some of the digital marketing companies in Infopark are serving clients abroad while many others cater to domestic clients as well.


About SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kakkanad, Kochi

SpiderWorks Technologies is a full-service digital marketing agency, based out of Kakkand, Kochi. Incorporated in 2005, just 1 year after the formal inauguration of Infopark, SpiderWorks has evolved into one of the most popular digital marketing agencies in India with clients in Inforpark as well as the rest of the world.

You can contact SpiderWorks for your digital marketing requirements. Our clients include companies in Kochi Infopark as well.

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List of digital marketing, social media marketing and SEO companies in Kochi Infopark:

1. Aabasoft

Aabasoft is a global IT services company, established in 2002. It was started as a desktop application development company with various other software services and offered academic projects to students. Eventually, the company evolved into a full-service IT solutions company and moved into Infopark in 2008. Currently, the solutions offered by the company include digital marketing services like social media marketing, SEO, PPC, Ad management etc.

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2. Aatoon Solutions

Aatoon Solutions is a web application development company, with its primary focus on website development including e-commerce applications. The company offers website optimisation services as part of its digital offerings. The company claims to enhance your online presence by optimising your websites and social media presence. With its head office in Infopark and a marketing presence in UAE, the company has a solid presence in Kerala and in the middle east.

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3. Airo Global Software

Airo Global Software claims to be an emerging IT solution provider, serving clients across the globe. With its history starting from 2008, Airo is now a well established IT company with a special focus on e-commerce application development.  The digital marketing services offered by Airo Global include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Targeted Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing and Google AdWords.

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4. Calpine Group

Calpine Group is an IT solutions company, started its operations in Cochin in 2003. Currently, with 4 development centres, an innovation centre in Cochin and  offices in USA and Australia, Calpine Group has developed client base across USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The company celebrated its 15th Anniversary in 2018. Along with various IT services, Calpine offers internet marketing services including SEO, SMM, PPC, Remarketing, Content Marketing etc.

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5. Eben Telecom

Eben Telecom is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company, established in 1995. With nearly 25 years of IT services in the BPO and Technology industry, eben telecom is a reputed name in the industry. The services provided by the company, along with several other ITes services, include various digital marketing services like SEO, SMM, PPC, Google Ads and more. Other than its office in Jyothirmaya InfoPark Phase -II, eben technologies have offices in USA and UAE as well.

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6. FoundingMinds

Found Minds is an innovative software development company in Kochi Infopark. Along with various software development services, the company also offers various digital marketing services like social media marketing, search engine optimisation etc. The company is founded by a group of entrepreneurs and technologists with a track record of multiple products and venture startups.

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7. Hashroot

Hashroot is a complete IT solution provider with a wide range of software solutions as its offerings. Check out their official website for services that range from software product development, network solutions, application development, mobile applications, data analytics and more. The company is into digital marketing services as well. The digital marketing services offered by Hashroot include SEO, SMM, PPC Ads, Content marketing, Email marketing and more.

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8. GSTi Technologies India Pvt Ltd

GSTi is a technology company with several solutions including social media with a primary focus on analytics and cloud.

Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud – GSTi claims it can play a huge role in helping organizations around the world adopt these technologies and help them transform their business models into the future. The SEO team at GSTi has served clients from countries like UK and have a proven track record of ranking the websites of clients on Google for their target search terms.

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