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How to Apply Online for UAE Remote Work Visa

Work From Home is the new trend globally, thanks to the Pandemic. Even the traditional companies who never considered such options in the past were forced to try this new way of being productive, Even after many businesses returned to normal operations, many of them decided to continue their newly discovered ways of being productive by offering working from home options for their employees.

As a leading digital marketing agency with over 15 years of industry expertise in Marketing, SpiderWorks helps several businesses across the globe to achieve success through modern digital strategies. We have come across businesses that require presence in the UAE but do not want to open an office in the country due to various reasons including complex formalities of registering a business in UAE, expenses associated with maintaining an office etc. Especially for businesses that require just one or two staff to live in the UAE, it may be pretty expensive to set up an office and place their staff there.

New UAE Remote Work Visa programme

In the year 2020, the UAE Government announced a Remote Work Visa programme. This new Virtual Working Programme allows representatives of foreign companies or individual professionals to travel to and work from the UAE while continuing to be an employee of their company in the home country. With this new Remote Work Visa programme, companies do not need to set up a business in the UAE or have another Visa to work from the country while continuing employment in a foreign country.

On March 21, 2021, the UAE Government announced further changes to this programme to make it easier and more lucrative for foreign professionals to apply for a Remote Work Visa and live in the UAE for a period of one year.

The UAE Government expects the launch of the Virtual Working Programme strengthens will strengthen Dubai’s position as a world-class business hub that attracts top talent, companies and investors from around the world. As more and more top officials and highly qualified professionals move here, Dubai is expected to improve its position as the global business hub. This move demonstrates the emirate’s ability to adapt to the changing marketing conditions and introduce new measures to improve the ease of doing business in the UAE. This also reflects Dubai’s ability to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals to benefit from the city’s advanced digital infrastructure.

How to Apply for UAE Remote Work Visa?

UAE administration just made the announcement regarding the Remote Work Visa program. The application process to apply for a Remote Work Visa are as follows:

1. You need a passport from your home country with a minimum validity of 6 months.

2. You need health insurance coverage with validity in the UAE. It can be from your home country or from the UAE itself but it must cover medical expenses in the UAE.

3. If you are an employee of a foreign company, you must be earning a minimum salary equivalent to US$ 5,000 per month. You must submit your most recent payslip and 3 months bank statement as proof of your salary.

4. If you are a business owner, you must submit proof of business ownership with an average monthly income of US$ 5000. Also, should produce the 3 month's bank statements.

5. A digital passport photo is required, with a white background. The size required is 45mm/35mm.

6. Once you are ready with the required documents, apply for UAE Remote Visa Application on the official website of Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing.

7. Once you submit the online application, you will get an instant email with further instructions to continue the application process. As per the email we received, we are supposed to send all the necessary documents to a specific email id of Dubai Tourism.

8. Once the documents are sent by email, relax and wait for further communication from the authorities.

NOTE: Please note that submitting the application and payment of fees does not guarantee a UAE Remote Work Visa. All visa applications will be reviewed by the official partner of DCTCM.

What is the total cost of the UAE Remote Work Visa?

As per the official information published on Dubai Tourism Website, the UAE Remote Work Visa costs US$ 611 in total. This cost includes the UAE Remote Visa application fees, processing costs, medical and Emirates ID. However, the website has also mentioned that this fee is subject to change according to your current work status, your country of citizenship, which country you are applying from, your application requirements and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Remote Work Visa to work in UAE?

The infrastructure in Dubai is globally competitive. Also, the city offers a safe and dynamic work environment which also offers excellent opportunities for maintaining a positive work-life balance. All these make Dubai an excellent destination for professionals from across the world to Live in Dubai but continue their job for foreign businesses! Remote working professionals can take advantage of Dubai’s strong digital infrastructure and robust connectivity to connect with any part of the world. The entertainment options in Dubai makes it a perfect destination who like to enjoy their life while continuing their employment in any country.

Can I bring my wife and children to UAE?

Yes, you can sponsor your spouse and children. But you won’t be able to sponsor any other relatives or workers. You can send your children to school as well.

Do I need to pay taxes in UAE when I am on Remote Work Visa?

When you work from UAE on Remote Work Visa, you are eligible for Tax-Free income as a UAE resident. This means, you can continue to earn a salary from your present employer or earn income from the business in a foreign country and it is not liable for income tax in UAE.

Can we get the internet, telephone and other utility connections?

Yes, you are eligible for all the common utility services when you work remotely from Dubai or other emirates.

Can I rent a house or use virtual office space when working on Remote Work Visa?

Use, professionals on Remote Work Visa are eligible to rent a house or use virtual office space for work when they are availing the virtual working programme. In fact, Dubai has hundreds of co-working space options available with robust network connectivity and strong infrastructure that offers global connectivity. Conference rooms and meeting facilities are available for remote employees on an hourly or daily basis.

How to Apply Online for UAE Remote Work Visa?

You can apply online for UAE Remote Work Visa at the official website of Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing. This online application is the first step to submit your interest. Once you submit this online request for Remote Visa, you will be contacted by the authorities guiding you with the further steps.

Once you fill the online form to apply for the Remove Work Visa, you will get an instant email with further steps to continue with the visa application process. Considering the expected huge demand for this new programme, expected several days delay in receiving a response to your online application for UAE Remote Work Visa.

Can I work longer than 1-year in UAE with this visa?

Currently, this visa allows you to live a maximum duration of 1-year in the UAE. However, after a 1 year period, you can re-apply for a new visa.

Can I hire an employee or domestic helpers?

No, you will not be eligible to sponsor employees for you or domestic helpers. If you like to get domestic help, you may hire services from other service agencies.

Are there any agencies that provide assistance in the UAE Remote Work Visa application?

Yes, you can seek assistance from business setup service companies like Kiltons. They will be able to assist you with Remote Work Visa application and associated services like medical insurance, renting co-working space, relocation assistance, utility services etc. Also, if you like to set up your business business in Dubai at a later stage, companies like Kiltons can be of great help.

I am a digital marketing professional. Can I serve clients in the UAE while I am on a Remote Work Visa?

The Remote Work Visa is meant for foreign professionals to stay in the country and work remotely for foreign employers. This kind of visa does not allow you to do business in Dubai. Digital Marketing agencies in foreign countries do work for companies in the UAE without a registered business in the country and you may be able to support your company on that level.

Where can I find more information about the new visa programme?

Visit the official website of Dubai Tourism to get more information about the new Dubai Remote Work Visa, also called as Virtual Working Programme.

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