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How to Advertise in Quora?

Being a leading advertiser from India, one of the primary goals of SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd is to make sure our clients are successful. We explore all possible avenues to ensure our clients are not missing the opportunities in the digital world. One such emergency opportunity is advertising through Quora, which is one of the fastest growing social channels.

Even though Quora is a great platform to ask questions and get answers, it is widely used by digital marketers and brands to promote their products. For example, if someone asks a question about which are the reliable Ayurvedic clinics in India, a digital marketing agency could provide a detailed answer referring to their clients in that segment. Any number of people could answer each question. Quora has its own internal algorithm to rank each answer and top-ranked answers will appear in the top of the thread while lower ranked ones would go further down and may not get noticed by others.

SpiderWorks has been actively participating in Quora providing valuable answers to hundreds of questions asked by people. Through our experience in working actively with Quora, we have figured out how to influence the Quora ranking through genuine methods. We are using this expertise to help our clients to get better brand visibility through Quora Answers. If you are looking for promotion services through Quora, please contact us.

Advertise in Quora

SImilar to Google Search, Quora recently introduced paid placements, displayed on top of all answers. So, even if you outrank all other answers and get your message above all, a paid Ad can still appear right below the question and above all answers, giving a much better visibility. In this article, I am going to show you how to show a paid Ad in Quora.

Paid campaigns in Quora are managed through the business account. To create your business account, go to and click on “Sign Up” or “Get Started”.

You will be prompted to provide basic information about your business, which includes a name of the business, address, a small business description etc.

Once you submit your business information, your Quora advertising account will be instantly activated. You will receive a welcome mail with a link to the Quora Ads Manager.

Ads Manager

You can create and manage Ads in Quora through the Ads Manager. The basic concepts of creating and managing Ads is pretty much the same as Google AdWords but Quora is a lot simpler and have much fewer options.

To create and manage Ads, visit

Below is the dashboard of the Ads Manager:

Structure of Ads

Ads in Quora are organized as Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads. For each business goal, you can create separate Campaigns so that you can track and manage the budget separately. Under each Campaign, you can have multiple Ad Sets. Each Ad Set can have one or more Ads.

Creating Your First Ad Campaign in Quora

You can create and manage Campaigns from the Ads Manager in Quora.

Step 1: Click on the “Create Campaign” button to create your first campaign.

Step 2: Give a relevant name for your campaign.

Step 3: Choose an Objective. Currently, there are 2 options: Conversions & App Installs. If you are looking for business conversions through lead generation, go with the first option. If you have an App to promote, then you can go for the “App Installs” objective.

Step 4: Configure your Quora Pixel. If you have used Facebook or other popular advertising platforms, you will be familiar with the “Pixel” implementation. A Pixel is a piece of script that you need to place on every page of your website. When your Ad in Quora drive traffic or visitors to your site, this Pixel will send back information about the visitor back to Quora. This will allow Quora to monitor the performance of your Ad and measure the conversions that happen in your website. If you are not concerned about measuring the conversions, you may skip the Pixel implementation.

Step 5: Set your daily budget. For every Ad, there will be a budget. In Quora, you can choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. When your spending reaches the daily or lifetime budget, your Ads will stop running. Minimum daily budget is US$ 5.

Step 6: Schedule your Ad. You can schedule your Ad to start running immediately or choose a start date.

Create an Ad Set

An Ad campaign is a broad level classification of your advertising campaign. Your Ads will not run until you create an Ad Set and one or more Ads under each Ad Set. An Ad Set is a sub-section of a campaign and it can hold one or more Ads. You will be choosing the target audience in the Ad Set level.


There are 2 ways you can target your audience while advertising in Quora.

                1. Topic targeting

                2. Audience targeting

In case of topic targeting, you can choose one or more keywords or topics. Your Ads will be displayed on pages that match the content with the keywords you selected.

In case of audience targeting, you can build a pre-configured audience and target them. Audience selection is done through Quora Pixel implementation. If you have configured the Quora Pixel correctly on your website, Quora will be tracking the visitors to your website and when the same visitors come to Quora for information, Quora will know that those people have previously visited your website. With this system, you can effectively do remarketing to your website visitors.

This picture shows how to build a sample audience. In this case, we are building an audience for remarketing, targeting the people who have visited the SpiderWorks official website but we are excluding the people who have visited the “/ads/thank-you” page because we assume that the people who have visited the “Thank You” page have already completed the business transaction.

In addition to choosing the primary targeting (topic targeting or audience targeting), you have to choose a secondary targeting type for the “Location”.You can choose one or more locations to show your Ads. In the below example, I have selected “India” as the target country for advertising:

Choose the Cost Per Click: As of now, Quora supports only “Cost Per Click” (CPC) model. You have to specify the CPC you are willing to pay for each click you will receive on your Ads. Irrespective of the CPC you choose, your daily spend will be limited by the “Daily Budget” you have selected for your campaign.

Create Your First Ad

So far, you have created a Campaign and an Ad Set within the campaign. Now, it is time to create one or more Ads within the Ad Set. If you have created AdWords Ads, this will look very familiar to you.

In the Ads Manager, click on the Campaign under which you want to create the Ad. In the Campaign details page, click on the Ad Set in which you want to create your Ad.

The screen to create an Ad Creative looks like below:

You need to set up the following fields while creating an Ad:

1. Ad Name – this is a name to identify the Ad.

2. Business Name – The business name will appear just above the Ad in Quora in gray color with the label “Promoted by “

3. Headline Sentence – This is the title of the Ad

4. Body Text – This is the descriptive content to appear just below the heading of the Ad.

5. Landing Page URL – This is the page where the user will be directed when clicking on the Ad

6. Display URL – This is a small part of the URL which needs to be displayed in the Ad. The actual landing page will be hidden and only the Display URL will be displayed to the user.

7. Call to Action – Basically, Quora supports only a single action at this time – redirect the user to the landing page. The “Call to Action” in this case refers only to the label to be used on the button below the Ad.

Here is how an Ad appears in Quora:

Each of the elements you specified in the Ad will appear as shown above.

Advantages of using Quora Ads:

Quora is a very popular platform for getting an expert opinion on any topic under the sun. More than anything else, the answers in this social channel are ranking very well in Google search results. This will help digital marketers target potential users searching in Google. For example, if you have a client specializing in CRM software and you are finding it difficult to rank your client in Google search results for some of your target keywords, you can look for Quora pages that rank well for such keywords. By advertising in those high ranking Quora pages, you can reach out to your target audience at a much lower cost.

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