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List of Google AdWords Certified Partner Agencies in India

Are you currently Looking for a Google AdWords certified partner agency in India? Advertising your business online would greatly improve your overall presence, the preferred partner of choice for such an endeavour would be Google. Google provides the most effective internet advertising tools for most businesses, Google AdWords being one of them.

FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING: Google made an announcement on June 27, 2018, that Google AdWords is now rebranded as Google Ads. So, if you see “Google Ads” in some places in this article, then don’t get confused. Google Ads is the new name of Google AdWords. A Google Ads Partner means the same as Google AdWords Partner. The new Google Ad Manager combines various marketing solutions from Google into a single platform that covers Google AdWords as well.

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What is a Google Partner Agency?

Digital Marketing professionals and Advertising or Marketing agencies certified by Google are referred to as Google Adwords Partner Agencies. These partners can offer Google AdWords support to their customers with some additional support from Google. There are a lot of Digital Marketing agencies who offer Google paid services but they need not necessarily be Certified Google partners. The fact remains that any Digital Agency can provide AdWords service to customers without actually being a Google Partner. It should also be noted that there is no difference for a business if they avail AdWords Service from within the country, or through certified or non-certified digital marketing agency.

The added advantage of working with a Google Partner agency in India is that your ads will be created using standardized guidelines that are well versed for a Google Partner compared to an uncertified agency. If you are following standard norms and policies, then the need for a certified partner may not be a necessity, in this case, you can choose any normal agency which would cost you less than a certified Google Partner.

How much does it cost for AdWords management in India?

Every company’s requirement is different hence there is no fixed expenditure limit for a company. Most Digital Agencies don’t have a standard rate for the service, it depends on the service requested and monthly expenditure limit on advertising. The upper limit for Google partner agencies can be up 5000$ or so but the services provided would match the respective quote. There are companies which charge on the lower end but these are for a monthly basis on services rendered. There are some agencies that take work on a percentage basis of a monthly Ad budget, this percentage may vary depending on the requirement.

Our country provides plenty of opportunities to compete, there is no scarcity for digital marketing agencies. Finding the right one can be a daunting task. If you are looking for an affordable AdWords Agency in India, contact us today. With over a decade of experience in digital advertising, we offer economical rates for managing and optimizing your Google Ads, our results speak for us, contact us for further details.

AdWords Services, How do we get on with it?

If you are interested in working with SpiderWorks as your AdWords partner, we will be happy to guide you through our process before you even make your initial payment. Here is our typical process:

Step 1: We have a few mutual discussions over the phone or face to face meeting. Our representative will speak to you, and can even visit you in a convenient place of your choosing. All your questions regarding Google AdWords, Google AdWords Partner program, our AdWords services etc will be clarified during these initial meetings

Step 2: Once we agree on the terms and conditions, we will sign a MoU that puts the agreement on paper.

Step 3: A service is charged for which we would raise an invoice. The payment can be transferred through a bank or by cheque. We accept payments only through clear and legal channels.

Step 4: We commence by making payment to Google for the AdWords Ads. This payment has to be made in advance and should be paid to Google through a dashboard we introduce to you. If there are any issues during payment procedure or if the whole process seems too complicated, worry not, our agents will explain the nitty-gritty of the process. Our partner agencies in various locations within the country will be able to assist you in making the payment. If all of this seems too exhaustive then you can simply transfer the payment to us and we will pay it to google towards your AdWords Account.

Final Step: Once the payment gets through to Google, we will get started. We will understand all your business requirements and design creatives according to your specific requirement. If you are looking for only Google Search Ads or only Call ads, we will be able to get started on the same day. Your ads will be live within a few hours and you can enjoy the calls from the customers.

List of AdWords Partner Agencies in India

Given below are a list of Google AdWords Partner Agencies in India. This list is not complete or comprehensive. If we have missed out on any Google Partners in India in our list, kindly get in touch with us to update the list.

Techshu — A Digital Marketing agency which has Google Partner Badge. They have certifications in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Youtube Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping And Google Analytics IQ

XakBoX — A Digital Marketing agency which has Google Partner Badge. They are a Digital Marketing Studio based in Cochin, having certifications in Search Advertising and Digital Sales

ShootOrder — A Digital Marketing Company based out of India. They have certifications in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Display Advertising.

Webenza — A Creative and Digital Marketing Agency. They have certifications in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Youtube Advertising and Google Analytics IQ.

Echovme — A Digital Marketing agency which has Google Partner Badge. They have certifications in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, and Display Advertising.

This list of Google Partner agencies in India is not a complete list. These are the ones we could find out who are Google Partner Certified Agencies. If we missed any Google Partners, let us know by posting a comment below and we will be happy to update our list with all qualified Google Partners. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information on Google Ads services to the business owners throughout. With over a decade of experience in serving clients with our digital marketing services, SpiderWorks offers Google Ads services with specialization on Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads. If you are not satisfied with your current AdWords agency, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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