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Possible Factors Behind Organic Traffic Drop in Business

Web traffic is the indication of the reachability of the website and the efficacy of the search engine optimization methods used. Google, the search engine giant, offers analytical tools to determine the traffic channels, CTR, conversion and bounce rates, and other parameters that aid in determining the performance of the portal. Organizations use paid marketing campaigns including PPC and PPE to boost engagement and usher the audience to the website. Organic web traffic is what purely reveals how efficient the digital marketing, SEO, and content team are. In an attempt to deliver the best user experience, Google weeds out spammy or meaningless websites stuffed with keywords.

Importance of Organic Traffic to the website

Organic traffic is the energizer that will raise engagement and conversion rates. If you use the service of a digital marketing firm, they must provide you with the analytical data detailing the organic traffic. A lukewarm organic reach is not favorable for the growth of the entity. Ask the team to incorporate changes in content marketing and SEO strategies to generate more reach in that case.

Real Website Visits – Organic web traffic will affirm that your website has real visitors. Thus, the possibility of conversion rate has increased phenomenally. More traffic indicates that your website has valuable content for the user. This will initiate more reach for the portal. There are many loopholes and uncertainties when you use a paid marketing technique to generate web traffic. The marketing firm may use unethical methods as well to create fake web traffic reports.

Improved (Permanent) Ranking – With organic traffic, Google will recognize your website as a valuable one offering the promised info, support, and service. This will be determinant in elevating your ranking in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). More useful web content, more organic traffic. The quality, flow, and reading ease of content are also crucial. The content marketing team must focus on creating keyword-rich content with ideal readability.

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Creating a Positive Identity – Realistic and honest content, constant interaction, and optimistic responses are the fundamentals for etching a positive identity. By placing useful content that is beneficial for the visitors, the word-of-mouth publicity of the entity/ organization will increase. This can be attained only with organic traffic. Paid website visits have limitations. Moreover, the traffic will reduce remarkably, when you stop the paid campaign.

Generating Positive Reviews and Ratings – Maximum 5-star rating and positive reviews will make your website a cut above the rest. Surpassing the rivals effectively, you can create a strong business presence. It would be pivotal in the growth of the business entity. After all, who doesn’t check online reviews before choosing a company, product, or service?

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Increased Conversion Rate – Conversion is the ultimate aim of every business. What is the use of the user quitting the site without going to the CTA button? Conversion probability is high when a customer is ushered to the site organically. It simply means that the user is searching for a specific product or service. With the right kind of content and enhanced website elements, he or she can become a customer.

Sustained Results – Organic traffic is a systematic process, which will take some time before showing results. Whereas, a PPC marketing campaign may start showing results almost immediately. The catch is that the organic reach will be strong enough to last for a longer duration than PPC/ PPE. In addition, the paid campaign will lose its charm as and when you stop it.

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Cost-effective and Budget-friendly – Generating organic traffic is a cost-effective digital marketing method. You can choose from budget-friendly packages. And obtain optimal reach and growth through it.

Role of Keyword ranking in Organic traffic

To begin with, how many times did you go to the second page of SERP? Maybe never. 99% of the time, the user finds the thing he or she searched on the first page itself. This statement is enough to underscore the importance of keywords.

Search engine optimization basically relies on keywords. Identifying the highly searched keywords and utilizing those strategically is significant for improving organic reach.

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Keywords help the search engine crawlers to ascertain the essence of the content or the subject matter. This would be used for picking the website when a user searches for particular info. At the same time, the keyword-stuffed content that doesn’t offer much to the users will be rejected by Google and other search engines.

List Out Factors Likely Behind Reduce Ranking

Many factors can impact the ranking of your website in SERP. A comprehensive analysis may be necessary to assess the errors and institute corrective measures that would improve organic traffic. Factors that can reduce the ranking include:

Algorithm Amendments by Google – Google and other search engines introduce algorithmic changes frequently. This is done especially to improve user experience and provide satisfactory search results to the users.

Page Index Error – Your organic reach will go down substantially if the page is not indexed. Implementation of erroneous robot.txt rules can be creating the problem.

Tracking Code Error – Tracking codes must be correct and should not be removed in any case. If Google Analytics doesn’t indicate the sessions, it generally indicates tracking code error.

Filtering Out the Bots – Bots act as if real humans and browse through the pages. Nonetheless, the bounce rate received will be abnormally high with very low session time. Filtering out the bots is necessary; however, it may cause a drop in organic traffic.

URL Ambiguities – Even if you have chosen the right keyword and used keyword-rich content, the URL ambiguities can confuse the search engine crawlers and lower the ranking.

Redirect Issues – Check the redirects before you implement them. Redirect issues can cause a reduction in organic traffic.

The other causes that are likely to affect rankings, in turn, organic reach, are crawl errors, ranking loss, manual penalties, cannibalization, amended layout in SERP, and XML sitemap changes.

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