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Digital Marketing Tips For Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors

Starting a hospital and running it is two different stories to tell. While starting a business requires capital, the attitude of an entrepreneur and workforce, running the same requires patience, endurance and a host of choices that will lead your business sky high. One the best choices that you can make today is to market your product digitally. In this article, we tell you how to market a hospital on the digital space.

We are witnessing the emergence of a new era in which almost every source of information is being replaced by a single one – a working screen (it could be a laptop or your smartphone) and a high-speed Internet connection and you’re ready to rock the world. What you need to understand as a businessman is that every business needs to be promoted in a space where its potential customers are present. Although it is incontrovertible that people actually exist in the physical world, but they like to exist and function on the web. And that is where you need to catch them.

So that you don’t get lost, we must tell you that the two most important parameters on which you must evaluate any digital marketing agency, which is typically an organization which promotes businesses online, our experience and understanding on the market and nature of the business to be promoted. Before you choose to contact us (and get a free quote to promote your hospital through online marketing strategies), you must scroll through our case studies. Our primary sub-verticals which we have been recently focusing on include a few hospitals as well as dental clinics in India. That gives us the confidence to recommend the best digital marketing strategies for the hospitals and small clinics.

Before we move on to offering you digital marketing tips for hospitals & clinics, we must share that there are some general tips which must be a part of the strategy of every digital campaigner. Below is a handful:

Build a responsive website

– Every business looking forward to maximizing its reach and amplify its transactions is trying to set up a website so that people can learn about the same in case they are interested. Even if they aren’t, an industry-nailing blog written by an expert doctor from your hospital is going to drag them to your website after a friend of theirs shared the same on their Facebook. Additionally, you as ensure that the website is responsive, that is, it responds appropriately to different screen sizes, given the variety of digital devices available to people today.

Get Listed

– If you have a website or even if you don’t, getting listed on the most famous business directories have not hurt anyone. If anything, it increases the chances of your receptionist getting phone calls from patients who need emergency care from your hospital. Directory listing is an important part of SEO and Digital Marketing for any business, which stands true for hospitals and clinics as well.

Go social

– You must ensure that you tap on the right resources on the digital space in order to reach to the people who needed you and/or did not know they did. Hire a fresher creative designer and have them design smart infographics to be shared on social media every day. The number of Newsfeeds you appear on, the more the probability of a patient walking into your hospital. If you don’t have a social media team, you can always hire a social media marketing agency to do an excellent work for you.


– The power of SEO can’t be underestimated. If you have a website but the language is too poor, you are not going to be visible in the search results of Google or say, Bing. Using crisp language and deploying smart optimization skills are the strength of famous blogs and businesses that claim to be expanding on the online space. Smartphones is no longer a luxury and people use them a lot to find the services they are looking for. I have been relocating quite often as part of my work and anytime when someone falls sick in my family, I would Google for the best hospitals and clinics in our region. Hire a good SEO company and they can do wonders in terms of keyword ranking and search engine visibility for the official website of your clinic.

Shoot Mails

– Given that it doesn’t land into the junk box of your patients’ inbox, an email is a quick way to approach targeted customers. You can maintain a subscriber list and have your patients updated about anything new you did or found out. Email Marketing is still a powerful tool to promote a clinic, medical lab or a hospital. Even if you are trying to promote the consulting services of a medical doctor, you can effectively use this. An email marketing company can take care of your entire email marketing requirements.

Above mentioned were some of the general strategies for digital marketing. Now it’s time we explore certain strategies which are custom tailored to the hospital industry.

Optimal use of the website

– Your website must showcase the profiles of your best doctors and the facilities in your hospital. If you are trying to do digital marketing for medical clinics like dental clinics, eye clinics, skin/cosmetology clinics etc, then real-world photographs and testimonials are very important. Additionally, you could display their qualifications, achievements as well as their mail IDs. Additionally, you could have a 24*7 chat facility that could allow patients to speak to your receptionist regarding their concerns. Additionally, you could allow patients to book appointments in advance and pay the amount online. Or else, you could get listed with Practo, which allows people to book appointments across various professionals and hospitals.


– A large part of the entire business on the web is driven by ads by giants such as Google. Do a quick fix research on which keywords you want to target through AdWords and ensure that your hospital appears on the search results and on Gmail Inboxes at the right time in front of the right people.

Digital Marketing Agencies

– Although you may have an in-house team taking care of online marketing requirements, outsourcing some of them to an expert agency may be one of the best choices you ever made in the interest of your business. A good agency enhances the visibility of your services keeping in mind that every single product or service needs an individual touch, an individual strategy which is to be tailored to the requirements of that business.

Testimonials and Reviews

– The biggest strength of any business is its customers and more importantly, the satisfied ones. If a patient was elated by the services you offered to him, you mustn’t forget to ask them to make a testimonial for your hospital. Or even better, you could have them record a short video you could share on YouTube. If you can collect some testimonials from some of your most happy patients, those can be used in the digital marketing activities for your hospital.

Research Papers and Case Reports

– If your doctors indulged in some industry changing research, you should be bold and shoot it up on your website. This yields a big impact on customers’ perception of the quality delivered by your business. Additionally, if your hospital successfully treated a very complex case, why not share the same on your website as a story or a blog.


– If you have an expert technical team, you can have them build an Android or iOS app for you. Not only can you keep updating patients regularly, you can hold contests, upload expert articles and so much more.

If you are geared up to hire an experienced digital marketing agency that understands the market in which you are to operate, might be your best bet ever.

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