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Criteria to become Meta Business Partner Agency

On 28 October 2021, Facebook Inc rebranded its social media business solutions to "Meta". This was a major shift for the company with the goal of keeping a distance from its social media platform Facebook and bringing a range of business solutions under a single umbrella.  This did not mean much to the Facebook users since the social media applications like Facebook and Instagram didn't have any major impact on the end-users.  

However, the business solutions behind Facebook and Instagram quickly noticed the change. Facebook's Business Manager, the advertising platform behind the Facebook and Instagram applications, introduced many changes. The immediate change was in the Logo itself. The Facebook logo used in the Business Manager tools were replaced with the new Meta logo. Also, the platform itself was rebranded as "Meta Business Manager" from "Facebook Business Manager'. They were just the beginnings of major changes coming to the advertising platform.

On 12 Feb 2022, we received our welcome mail from Meta, officially accepting SpiderWorks as an Agency Member to Meta Business Partners. We would love to share our journey to be part of this great opportunity for the benefit of other agencies who like to become official Meta Business Partners. If you are looking for a list of partner agencies, find them here.

Welcome mail from Meta, accepting SpiderWorks Technologies as a Member of Meta Business Partner in India.

Meta Business Partner Program Eligibility

Facebook Partner program was rebranded as the Meta Business Partner program. It was not a mere name change. The company came up with several changes to their Agency partner program including the criteria to be considered for "badged" Meta Business Partner status.  

With the new Meta Business Partner program, there are 2 types of Partners:

  1. Member
  2. Badged Meta Partner

Agencies included as a "Member" of the Meta Business Partner program are not really considered as "Meta Partner Agencies". The Member agencies are eligible for a bunch of partner benefits like access to sales presentations, training materials, recommendations on optimising Meta spend etc. Also, they are eligible for some level of operations support and programme support.

Badged Partners are eligible for a wide range of partner benefits. The key benefits most Meta Partner agencies would proudly enjoy are the eligibility to use the Meta Partner badge on their website and other virtual platforms. Badged Partners are included in the Meta Business Directory, which will give the opportunity to be found by other businesses who are looking for Meta Business Partners in their region. They also get access to additional levels of customer support and prioritised issue resolutions. 

Criteria to become Meta Business Partner Agency

Meta has streamlined the process and simplified their Partner Agency program by consolidating their multiple agency levels into 2 simple levels - Member Level and Badged Partner level. Also, the way they have designed their Agency tiers is, digital agencies can quickly achieve the first level as a Member of the Meta Business Partner program but to achieve the next level as a Partner Agency, they have to go a long way in terms of Ad spend, credibility and volume of Business Pages. 

Member of Meta Business Partner Program:

The minimum qualification required to become a Member of the Meta Business Partner program is an ad spend of US$ 5000.  This target is achievable by most small/medium-sized digital agencies. However, this will not make them eligible to use the Meta Partner badge.

Below are the minimum qualifications to become a badged partner:

As of today, Meta is offering 3 paths to become a badged partner:

Path 1: Minimum ad spend of $2,500,000 with 50% qualifying spend and 50% qualifying placements

Path 2: Minimum ad spend of $1,250,000 with 90% qualifying spend

Path 3: Manage 200 active Pages with 50% qualifying spend

To become a Meta Business Partner agency, your agency must meet any one of the above criteria. If you are already a Member level agency and once you meet one of the above criteria, you will be automatically qualified to become a badged partner and you can complete the steps to be eligible for using the Badge on your website.

Take a look at the screenshot given. Three different paths to the Badged Partner program is shown. If your Agency meets any of the criteria, you can become a badged partner. In the above screenshot, one of the three paths is shown with a Blue star, indicating that the system recommends Path B is the recommended approach for this particular agency, considering the current spend and other qualifications.   
How to become a Meta Agency Partner
Hope I have given a clear picture of the criteria to become a Member of Meta Business Partner program. If you have any questions regarding become a Meta Partner in India or anywhere else in the world, feel free to share your questions. We will be happy to share our experience and help you in your path to become a Partner agency.  Check out more details about Meta Partner Program.
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