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6 Ways To Improve Website Ranking On Google

Are you still worried of the low Google Search Engine Ranking of your website or blog? Here are 6 significant ways to improve website ranking on Google and achieve the #1 position to improve the organic traffic to gain a good percentage of conversion for your business.

Getting online with your work or your views and being able to address millions of visitors across the globe is easier than never before. You just have to book a website name, pay for it and get the website designed. Well, some people think that this is it and that whole journey ends here. But just getting a website is not going to get you all the way. It is important that your website links get reflected on the very first page or the second one at least to have a good traffic and desired audience. Though it is a bit painstaking task to improve the Google ranking, but it is not impossible and a few little things are done in right order and right fashion can take your website ranking on Google way higher.

This post comprises of 6 very crucial things that can be of real consequence for deciding the Google Ranking of any website.

Regular Blog Submission and Regular Updates

The content is the king. It is of the foremost importance that the content you submit is of good quality and is updated. The blogs should be added on a regular basis and the website should not lack updates. This means, that not only you have to add new blogs but update the already submitted blogs in terms of content regularly.

Uploading and updating are the two ‘U’s’ which should be on your hit list for like always. Well, don’t fret. The updates need to be consistent and regular but the interval between the updates can be as per your choice. All the articles should be updated at least once in every 15 days or in a month (if you have huge content). Adding new content has no limits and can be done in any measure of the bursts.

Unique Content VS Spun Content and Content Readability

Having learnt that the content should be uploaded and updated, you need to make sure that all the articles are unique, grammar wise correct, not vague, have good readability and yes, the most important thing – NOT COPIED.

"Good Content Means Good Business"

Kristina Halvorson, Renowned content strategist

Though you have to wait for quite a time to reap the fruits of good or bad content, the business will be affected in both the cases accordingly. Some people might think that if 90% of my blogs are unique and well written, what difference can the remaining 10% make? For all of them, consider an example. Suppose you have ‘Copied and Spun’ the content for a post on latest update in Android. Your post is submitted and Google crawled it. The text is found to be 90% similar to context and other parameters and the red flags are activated. Just one post can bring your ranking down to page number 10 or more. Likewise, if one day, your post on latest IOS update was crawled and found unique with a percentage of 95 or more, it will obviously be reflected on the top of the first page and will bring loads of traffic.

Hence, content should be written from scratch. The process might be lengthy but will ensure the quality and uniqueness. Further, the spinning of the already written content can lend some randomness and vague essence to your content. The context might be altered and the overall idea conveyed upon crawling and parsing the content might be quite different from the one you intended it to be and the content itself might not end up as a relevant search.

A number of tools are available online which allow the writers to check the content for plagiarism, grammar check, spell check, readability score check etc.

Content Readability is also an important factor. The content should be written so that the audience is able to read it easily and the idea is conveyed from the very first line.

Quality Backlink Creation

Once, the content part is covered, it is time to focus on the SEO activities of which Backlink Generation is the most crucial one. When the links to the blogs are submitted over the other websites and that too in a relevant manner, the process is termed as Backlink Generation. There can be a lot of activities in this step such as article link building in which complete articles are posted on other websites with relevant links in them. Other activities include Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, and Forum Commenting. There are a lot of discussion forums (reputed ones) over the internet where you can find the relevant thread and start posting your links for the audience. Social Bookmarking employs the social media platform to gain a number of visits.

A very important point to be considered here is that the backlinks should be of good quality as the backlinks from the websites listed under porn, or illegal data will not earn you a good ranking.

Genuine and Organic Traffic

The searches which are made via the keywords and appear by the virtue of keywords and not only because of the social media sharing get listed under the organic traffic. The number of users should come via the genuine searches. For example, if a user searches ‘UPSC Exam Results’ and your blog appears on this keyword, then only the user will be included under the genuine and organic traffic.

It is very important that the content on any website is hosted keeping the search terms in mind. The keywords should be in a proper amount and not overly stuffed or less than the required amount.

Justified Social Media Traffic

As per the latest market reports, around 74% of the brand marketers experienced an increase in the website traffic after investing only 6 hours per week on social media. Social media is bound to give your traffic a bounce and boost. But, this does not mean that all of the traffic is gained from the social media alone. A proper balance in between the social media and keyword searches is required for a better Google Ranking.

Monitoring Activities

Website ranking will depend on the continuous monitoring of all the perspectives in the long run. It means that all the content and SEO related activities are to be done again and again and a proper monitoring of the backlinks to and from the website is required. Hence, once the website is online, all the activities, their monitoring and maintenance are what it takes to stay in good ranks.

There can be no end to the activities that are important for the website rank improvement. The basic 6 are listed here and new ones are being developed every day. Hence, an urge to write the best and striving to maintain it that way can be a generalized conclusion to the whole process.

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